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Google Tasks gains a feature it should’ve already had

Google Tasks gains a feature it should’ve already had

What you need to know

  • Google Tasks will let you star important items in your to-do lists.
  • You can then view and sort your starred tasks.
  • Stars will be available on all Workspace and G Suite accounts, but will take 15 days to roll out fully.
  • This feature first appeared in an APK teardown last August.

Google will soon allow you to mark specific Tasks with a Star in order to highlight their importance. A feature long available in Google Drive and competing app Microsoft To Do, it’ll give Tasks users a way to designate certain tasks as higher priority within the same list.

Starred tasks will also appear in a pinned Starred view. On mobile, it’ll appear as a Star icon to the left of My Tasks; on desktop, you’ll find the “Starred” menu option under My Tasks in the drop-down menu.

“We hope this update makes it easier for you to prioritize your tasks and quickly navigate to important tasks across your projects,” Google said in its announcement post (opens in new tab).

Google Tasks: starring tasks feature

(Image credit: Google)

Google says the feature will come to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business accounts. The feature rollout began on June 8 but will take 15 days to arrive to all accounts; so you may not receive the option until June 23.