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Popular Free Task Management Software Solutions

Popular Free Task Management Software Solutions

The world is heading into an era that is run by technology and in order to benefit from the rapid changes that are taking place, we need to be able to stay in tune and informed of the latest developments. Through the incredible rise of the Internet and social media platforms, the world is getting smaller and our interaction more dynamic. From a business’s perspective, being able to stay organized and handle the influx of information is essential to meeting project deadlines and expectations and this is where task software management solutions play an invaluable role. These tools are also equally valuable for personal needs such as being more organized with household chores and managing to-do lists more effectively. So, no matter whether you are coming from a business or personal perspective, there are a number of free task management software solutions that have proven popular. Below, three of the more popular tools are discussed in more detail.

Remember the Milk

More suited to household and personal agendas, Remember the Milk is a user-friendly and useful task management software tool. This programme is freely available at no extra no charge and enables users to organize their tasks into lists, prioritize, assign and tag tasks as well as add notes when needed or create recurring tasks as necessary, send emails to oneself and have these show up as tasks. You also have the functionality to give yourself due dates with this task management software tool.

Google Tasks

It is no surprise that Google has become a popular choice for task management software solutions as they continue to bring innovative and affordable products on the market that help to make our daily lives more efficient. Google Task has also proven to be user-friendly and very easy to learn and integrate into daily life making it easier to be organized on a day-to-day level. The features offered by Google Tasks include being able to access your tasks through various platforms such as iGoogle, Google Calendar, your Gmail account, mobile phones and PDAs. You can effectively sort out lists, organize tasks, make notes and integrate all your to-do lists into one. Google Tasks also comes free so anyone is able to access and benefit from its features.


HiTask is another popular task management software solution especially for businesses. There are different tiers available from the free package that includes basic functionality such as being able to track appointments, track tasks by projects, track the progress of other team members, organize through tasks with the use of colour while the premium and business tiers offer more advanced functionality. HiTask is easily accessible through a variety of platforms including mobile phone, RSS readers and iGoogle.

These conclude three of the more popular task management software solutions available on the market. There are many more besides so its important to do your homework and investigate more thoroughly before you decide which one suits your needs the most.