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Excel VBA – Making Life Simpler in Daily Tasks

Excel VBA – Making Life Simpler in Daily Tasks

VBA is a robust programming language created by Microsoft for automating and replenishing current MS programs like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook etc. Few people know that VBA can be very helpful for small businesses because it provides economical automation solution for tasks like invoicing, report generation, presentation preparation, data analysis, mass calculations, create mail merge from data in excel, send automated responses through Outlook, inventory management and the list is endless. In this article we will discuss in detail about how could this stuff change your daily life.

Mr. Sroff is a managing director of his own firm. He had started the business some 2 years ago and now he is at a respectable position, trying to expand his interests. Mr. Sroff readily knows that mere furnishings and employees won’t provide him the best expansion results, he will have to invest a great amount of money to automate processes of his office. If, on the other hand, he thinks that he cannot afford expenses involved in developing own software, then he has a readily available alternative, to buy a ready made management software.

There are several things that people like Mr. Sroff should think before taking steps. The first thing that should be asked is, what is the need for the software? Will it really increase the efficiency of office? The second thing is to check the feasibility of creating a new software. The third thing is to check the feasibility of software you want to buy. When buying a software always check whether the given software is easy to learn, so that your staff gets used to it very quickly, otherwise a talent pool must be available to work for you on given software.

If you intent to go on automated rules rather than simply relying manual methods in your day to day information technologies, you can contact a professional programmer to solve your personal needs. And I am sure the budget will be low due to use of VBA because the main software platform is already formulated, only linking etc is needed to get the job done. (However, some degree of problem solving ability through programming should be present in the programmer that you are choosing).

If for some reason you think that you cannot buy another software for your use because your processes are different and you need unique approach to manage your office, then you will definitely think to, either develop a software by your own or let some company create it for you. It is worth mentioning here that software created on programming languages like Java, VC++, Phython, etc are costly affairs, and that is why this article is written, to solve this problem.

VBA is a very effective language through which a full office automation solution can be made. Since it is based on already existing software like Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, Outlook etc. the programmer will have to spend relatively less time to create even the most complex applications in VBA. That is why Applications made in VBA are much more cost efficient than a software that is built from scratch. And the most important thing to note here is that since these applications rely on Microsoft applications like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Outlook etc., their output files can be chosen for maximum compatibility.