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Top 10 Best Portable Photo Printers (Pocket Sized) [2022 Edition]

Top 10 Best Portable Photo Printers (Pocket Sized) [2022 Edition]

A few years back, when someone wanted to take instant pictures they used to buy a Polaroid camera but the biggest drawback with a Polaroid camera is that you can not preview a photo before it is printed and even if it is bad you have to keep it. Then came the smartphones with excellent cameras which gave us the power to store many high-quality pictures in this palm-sized device itself. But if you want to take a print out of it you have to come home and take it from your laptop and printer or to visit some photo printing shops.

Now, the solution of all these problems are these mini printers which allow you to print pictures instantly and wirelessly without downgrading the quality from your smartphone and the best part is they are light and compact enough to fit in your pockets.

We researched across the internet and picked out the top 10 best portable pocket printers currently available in the market. They come at a very economical price and you can print photos, memos, labels, stickers, etc. with them. So, here are our picks..

#1 GOOJPRT A6 PeriPage Mini Printer

PeriPage A6 uses a thermal printing technique but is different from traditional thermal printers. This mini printer fits easily in your pocket and connects with your devices to print photos, memorandums, and records.

GOOJPRT A6 PeriPage Mini PrinterIt supports Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless printing through a smartphone. You see the information on a smartphone APP and print it instantly, the APP also offers various fonts and themes for making your photos stylish. This pocket printer comes with an affordable price tag of $39.99 and is available on leading e-com sites.

#2 PAPERANG P1 Mini Printer

PAPERPANG P1 is lightweight and measures 83mm x 83mm x 45mm to fit perfectly in your pocket. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect directly to your smartphone allowing you to print anytime and anywhere.

PAPERANG P1 Mini Printer You can print photos, memos, work notes, etc. with it and it is eco-friendly too as it doesn’t use any ink for printing. It comes with a 1000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery for long use. It is very cost-effective too with a price of just $44.99.

#3 PeriPage Handheld Mini Photo Printer

This portable printer from PeriPage has a cute bear design and supports various sizes of print paper. It supports both wired and wireless printing, so you can print with your smartphone via APP and with your PC vis PC driver.

PeriPage Handheld Mini Photo Printer It is also compatible with mainstream label edit & print software. You can print labels, stickers, messages, etc. and it also allows to print directly from the web. It is very compact with 79 x 79 x 42mm dimensions and supports Android, iOs and Windows systems. It is priced at $57.65 and is available easily online.

#4 PAPERANG P2  Mini Printer

PAPERANG P2  features a 300DPI resolution for detailed and clearer prints. It also supports the OCR function for transferring photos into text format.

PAPERANG P2  Mini PrinterThis thermal printer is very helpful for students as it has large quantities of topics from primary to senior high school are stored. Just take a picture and search to get the answer and print it to stick on the notebook. It adapts Bluetooth connection to print freely without any limitation. It can print four rolls after one hour charge and is priced at just $64.99.

#5 Prynt Pocket Photo Printer for iPhone

If you want to turn your iPhone into an instant camera then this is the perfect gadget for you. Just insert your iPhone into it and print any photo from your camera roll or your favorite social networks anywhere.

Prynt Pocket Photo Printer for iPhoneThere is a surprise feature too which brings your photos to life. The Prynt app enables you to add a video inside your photo and when you send the photo to someone they can view the video by scanning it via Prynt app. With it you can edit your photos too and it costs only $69.99.

#6 Huawei AR Mini Pocket Printer

This mini pocket printer from Huawei adapts Zink printing technology for ink-free printing. It is lightweight and supports Bluetooth and multi-type printing. It offers sharper photos with a resolution of 313 x 490DPI.

Huawei AR Mini Pocket PrinterIt enables you to add videos to your photos, so when you scan them via AR app they come to life. It can print multiple size photos and is a great gadget to record your memories or to print ID photos. It comes with 500mAh battery for printing 23 sheets in a single charge. This pocket-sized printer is pretty affordable too at $82.99.

#7 SereneLife PICKIT20 Portable Printer

This instant photo printer from SereneLife offers hassle-free photo printing from your iOs and Android devices. It offers 3.5 x 2inch photos with 261 dpi high resolution. It uses WiFi to wirelessly transfer images from PICKIT mobile app after making quick edits.

SereneLife PICKIT20 Portable PrinterIt uses 10 piece disposable integrated cartridges which are easy to change and eliminates the hassle of cleaning and maintenance. The final photos are glossy and laminated ensuring good quality photos. It comes with a price tag of $89.99 which is quite economical.

#8 Kodak Mini 2 HD Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Mini 2 offers instant credit card-sized photos with HD resolution. The photos are printed on a waterproof and fingerprint-proof paper and are coated with a protective film for long life. This is lightweight, compact size and uses 4Pass printing technology for vibrant photos.

Kodak Mini 2 HD Instant Photo PrinterIt is compatible with both iOs and Android devices and uses Bluetooth connectivity for effortless printing. The Kodak Photo App gives you access to dozens of designs and features like cute stickers, pretty filters, fun captions etc. It is available in 5 pretty colors and a price of $89.99.

#9 Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer

Canon IVY prints 2 x 3inch photos with a resolution of 314 x 400 dpi. The photos are smudge-proof, tear-proof, and water-resistant. The photos have a peel and stick back which adheres to your favorite place.

Canon IVY Mini Photo PrinterThe Canon Mini Print App enhances the look of your images with stickers, frame, text, emojis, and the drawing tool. It uses Zink printing technology for ink-free printing and uses Bluetooth connection for printing with your iOs and Android devices. It is available on leading e-com websites with a price tag of $99.99.

#10 HP Sprocket Portable Printer (2nd Edition)

HP Sprocket portable printer easily fits your pocket, bag or backpack. The HP Sprocket app features various filters, frames, stickers, text, emojis, AR video and 3D animations for fun editing. It supports ink-free printing with Zink printing technology and instantly prints 2 x 3 inch photos.

HP Sprocket Portable Printer 2nd EditionYou can print good quality photos and stickers with a peel and stick back which are smudge, water, and tear-resistant. It features smart Bluetooth with sleep mode for saving battery and can connect up to 3 phones so everyone can view and print shared photos. It comes with an affordable price tag of $129.99.

These were our top 10 picks for portable pocket photo printers for every budget in 2021. We hope our compilation helped you choose the best pocket printer around the market. If you liked it and have any pocket printer in your mind which should be included here do let us know in the comments below.