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How to Make Money With Blogs, Google AdSense & Affiliate Programs

How to Make Money With Blogs, Google AdSense & Affiliate Programs

Using a blogging interface like WordPress or Google’s Blogger, a blog owner can add new entries to his blog while he sits in a meeting at work or watches events unfold on TV. Rather than fooling around with messy code, he can simply enter his message textually in his blog; and then update it in a matter of seconds.

Larger blogs will experiment with video technology while older. Blogs are started for decidedly different reasons: social, productive, and a combination of both. If you plan to start a blog for entirely social reasons, you may want to select a medium with high networking value.

Making money with Google AdSense

Anyone who has made money from Google after a years work will probably say its hard to make money with Google. People that are selling a product that promotes the use of Google AdSense will probably tell you that it’s easy to make money

What is the truth about making a decent income from Google AdSense?

The good news (or bad news) is that there is no tricks to the process. The key to making money from Google AdSense lies in repeating a bunch of tedious research and development actions hundreds of times.

The first step to making money from Google AdSense is finding the right keywords. Depending on what you plan to use as your source of traffic.

If your source of traffic is design and linking – i.e. natural search engine optimization – then you need two things: Keywords with high pay-per-click values and high bidder densities. Keywords with a few competitors and high bids equals a winning niche. Now your develop a site with AdSense ads, build in search engine optimization, and wait to get traffic.

Another way to make money from Google AdSense is called “arbitrage.” This consists of buying pay-per-click traffic from Google through Adwords, then directing it to a site that contains AdSense ads. Your need to keywords with high PPC values for your site, keywords with low PPC costs for your advertisements.

Promoting Affiliate Programs

Making money without creating products. An affiliate program is a system which allows vendors become affiliated with someones product by selling it for acommission. Vendors promoting affiliate programs can earn 75% commission on each sale.

Other Methods You Can Make Money From

Other than direct sales and AdSense, are there any other methods you can make money from using your blog? Yes, there are several, here are three:

1) lead generation,
2) affiliate marketing,
3) newsletter subscriptions.

All of these methods you can make money from with your blog.