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Get The Best Features Of DSLR From Every Canon 7D For Sale

Get The Best Features Of DSLR From Every Canon 7D For Sale

Today, Canon fans and loyalists would be glad to know that for every canon 7d for sale in the market, they can look forward to the best features of high definition photos and video recording at an affordable price.

Time was when most photography enthusiasts, professionals and aspiring professionals preferred the XOD series from Canon because, just like the 1D series, it provides high image quality and functionality at a lesser price. However, Canon’s XOD EOSs have faced stiff competition in terms of functionalities and prices from its rival manufacturers. DSLRs made by Sony such as the A700 and Nikon’s D200 and 300 have given the XOD EOSs a hard time to stand out in the competition. However, looking at Canon’s release of their EOS 7D, we can’t help but draw some conclusion that it is indeed determined to beat their competitors.

The competition made Canon to produce a new EOS series, the 7D, which has, in most people’s opinion, have helped brought back Canon’s reputation as the king of DSLRs. Taking a glimpse, 7D looks like a refreshed version of EOS 50D but it’s not. Close examination reveals that it contains features and functionality not found in EOS 50D. In fact, the 7D was not intended to replace the 50D, the 7D was designed more like a big brother to 50D.

In addition to that, 7D has 18MP sensor with a 1.6x crop factor while 50D has only 15MP. Canon has claimed that this new sensor can gather plenty of light. Moreover, the 7D viewfinder is more impressive to that of 50D. A 50D viewfinder has only 0.95X magnification and 95% coverage compare to that of 7D that comes with a 1.0x and 100% coverage on its viewfinder.

Nevertheless, 7D isn’t just about a new sensor, new finder and fresh design it is also about speed. Canon has put more impressive components into it such as a new AF system with its own processor, dual Digic 4 processors which is responsible for the image speed processing and a new shutter mechanism to allow 8 frames per second continuous shooting and the capability to control built-in flashguns. The external flash has a wider range to handle up to 15mm wide-angle lenses and it is also capable to serve as the remote commander for up to 3 groups of flashes. Additionally, 7D’s buffer can handle 94 JPEGs at a top speed or 15 raw images. Because of these features and capability, enthusiasts are so excited to try their hands on this new DSLR.

With all these features, tweaks and refinements, you can really see Canon’s strong determination and efforts to reclaim the throne as the king of DSLR manufacturer.

So, if you are someone who is contemplating on buying your next DSLR, why don’t you search for a canon 7D for sale listed in your favorite buy and sell online site? With a Canon EOS 7D purchase, you can be sure that it’s not only considered a worthwhile expense but, more importantly, an investment.