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Canon 5D Mark III Review

Canon 5D Mark III Review

As a photographer, there is always some new equipment available to make your photographs bigger and better. But the question always remains – is the new equipment really worth the price tag. In general, I believe that the photographer is the one who takes the pictures – not the camera. However, there are certain benefits to higher grade equipment.

When it came time to upgrade my camera, I decided to take a look at the Canon 5D Mark III. I had previously been shooting on a Canon 5D Mark II and I was concerned the latest model wasn’t a big enough step up. So I decided my best option was to rent the camera I was contemplating purchasing. So I hopped on this wonderful website called Borrow Lenses where you can rent various professional camera equipment as a professional photographer. Being able to do this is a hugely beneficial thing before making a big purchase like a camera upgrade.

So to test out this camera, I decided to grab a couple of hyper kiddos and take them to the park to see how it fared against some little high energy people run all over the place. And I wasn’t disappointed. The camera has great clarity even with my current lenses. This added sharpness was definitely step up from the Mark II which occasionally has issues with sharpness. Even cropping in on images, I noticed an no loss of resolution or crispness. So I was very pleased with that.

Another advertised perk of this newer model was better light sensitivity. So I decided to test out the ISO (low light) abilities of this new camera at home that night. I took the exact same shot at the same settings on my Mark II and my Mark III cameras to see side by side the differences. What I noticed is that the image shot on the 5D Mark III is a little brighter and still has significantly less grain. Which makes me absolutely giddy! As a natural light photographer having the ability to get clear ungrainy shots can be hard in churches and other darker environments. So from that stand point, this camera provides me with a huge advantage.

So after much debate and a lot of thought and testing, I’ve determined that the Canon 5D Mark III is an incredibly worthwhile investment. It’s a big expense, but I believe the benefits far outweigh the cost. With the improved ISO for stronger photos in low light areas and the sharper focusing system, I’m confident that this camera will help any photographer to continue to provide their clients with high quality portraits!