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network – Is iCloud Private Relay leaking my DNS queries to my ISP?

network – Is iCloud Private Relay leaking my DNS queries to my ISP?

I observed not long ago that despite iOS configurations indicating all DNS queries go by means of iCloud Non-public Relay’s DNS servers, despite Personal Relay applying Oblivious DNS about HTTPS, and even inspite of dnsleaktest.com (and other individuals) showing practically nothing but Cloudflare servers, I’m still redirected to AT&T’s DNS Mistake Support look for web site if I enter an invalid URL (google.cmo for occasion).

I am mindful of how to disable this, but I’m more curious about the specialized implications if something and preferred to know if anyone experienced any tips about the adhering to:

  1. Does this suggest all DNS queries are remaining leaked to my ISP? Or only invalid ones?
  2. Can AT&T associate my actual IP deal with with the invalid DNS query, or are they continue to only looking at that a Personal Relay handle attempted an invalid DNS question?
  3. If the response to concern 1 is “certainly” to the to start with choice, is AT&T equipped to see all non-HTTPS connections even with Personal Relay enabled?
  4. Is there just about anything else I could take a look at to figure out if my DNS queries are becoming hijacked other than common on the web DNS leak tests sites?

In essence, I want to know the extent of the leak specified that leak exams return ostensibly water-limited benefits. It is really extremely odd to me that even however each and every provider I have tried using so significantly is declaring my DNS is not leaking, invalid DNS lookups can however in some way be hijacked by my ISP’s provisioned router (I know, terrible plan to maintain about, whatever).

With my minimal know-how on the issue, I would guess my DNS queries usually are not staying leaked, but any returned errors are merely triggering a redirect in my browser to AT&T’s DNS Error Aid company, and only then does the initial lookup leak to them. Is this plausible or testable? And if so, refer to query 2.

Also noteworthy that only my home wifi has this difficulty. Switching my iPhone’s net to my mobile assistance presents me Safari’s blank DNS error web page when I enter an invalid URL.