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Download Free Games For The Psp

Download Free Games For The Psp

So you’re looking to download free games for the PSP, will this article may just help you out. Right now, as you read this, there are literally thousands of free games that you can download for your PSP. When most people think of downloading free games for the PSP they are thinking Sony umd games, but this isn’t always the case. The fact is right now, depending on what firmware you are running,you can be downloading and playing games within five minutes.

If you are looking to download free games to your PSP then the fact is that you will first have to downgrade your PSP. Downgrading means we change the system firmware to an earlier version, in this case are 1.50. This particular firmware allows us to take advantage of some built and exploits in the PSP, which means we can actually download games off the Internet and play them. Now there are an abundance of sites currently on at the Internet that proclaim to have thousands if not millions of games, ready for you to download on your PSP (which by the way is a load of crap). They neglect to mention that you have to have a downgraded PSP to be able to download all these free games.Now for those who have a 1.50 PSP or who have downgraded to a 1.50, the doors are now wide open to the world of downloading free games for your PSP.

Okay, let’s just assume you have the 1.50 PSP, because really that’s what you need to download free games. From here we can do a range of things. Firstly, we can download an emulator which will allow us to play old school games. These emulators basically turn our PSP’s into Game Boy’s, Nintendo’s and Sega Master Systems in fact, you can just about get any of the earlier handheld consoles and play those games on your PSP providing you find the correct emulator. This means that there are literally thousands of games that you could download for free and play them on your PSP.

You can also download games made for the PSP, known as homebrew games. These games have been made by PSP enthusiasts who know a bit about programming and have made their very own games for the PSP community. These homebrew programmers want you to try out their games and they want you to help develop, play and make them better. Now again, there are hundreds if not thousand of these types of games available to you to download for free.

Now you’re probably asking ” what about umd games, can I download these? “, will the truth is, “yes” you can in fact download umd games as well, although only in certain situations. If you are to download a umd game off the Internet (and there are a lot to download) you should own the original umd game or else you are stealing property, which is against the law, and rightfully so. Please do not download games that you are not legally entitled to do so.

Now remember, all of this means nothing unless you have downgraded your PSP first of all, so before you can even contemplate downloading free games for the PSP you better find out how you can downgrade your PSP.

There are a stack of places on the Internet which will tell you how to downgrade your PSP. But be very careful where you get your software and your instructions on how to do the downgrade because if it all goes wrong, which is quite easy if you don’t follow instructions exactly, you will be left with a brick (brick meaning to PSP that is useless, or good for a brick).

My advice is to downgrade your PSP today, so, you too can enjoy the benefits of downloading free games for your PSP.