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World Of Warcraft Farming Guide

World Of Warcraft Farming Guide

In World of Warcraft, knowing how to farm for gold is quite important. Whether you are playing for the Horde or Alliance realm, you will need money at some time or another during the game. There are World of Warcraft Farming Guides to help you find the best and quickest ways to do this. You can farm for gold, silver, or bronze in many regions in World of Warcraft, and players have created World of Warcraft Farming guides to show you tips and some secrets.

The World of Warcraft Farming Guides are a great help to many players, as they can learn ways of acquiring bronze, silver and gold in order to purchase necessary item that each character is looking to buy. The Hunter will need to farm for enough gold to summon a pet and pay for the training of this pet. A Warrior will need to use World of Warcraft Farming Guides to pay a vendor for weapons he might need to have during battle. Farming for gold, silver and bronze – which is your currency in World of Warcraft – is easy once you have read a couple of the farming guides, and choose methods best suited to your character.

Upon taking up quests and challenges you will have access to plenty of money, which the World of Warcraft Farming Guides will further explain. It will show you which weapons, potions, or other skills you will need to defeat your enemy or complete the quest. Usually you have to kill some other characters in the game, and they will have valuable item on them which can be sold at the World of Warcraft Auction House. This Auction House is available to Alliance player, as well as the Hordes, although they are situated in different regions. It is possible to trade with Horde or Alliance if you so desire, but this must be done at a neutral Auction House.

Some of the World of Warcraft Farming Guides have been put together by players that have done it before. They have figured out through trial and error, and are willing to assist other players in order to enhance and improve their gaming experience. At many of the quests the loot that is dropped after you win a battle, is not always gold, silver or bronze. Other things like elements, blues for disenchanting, recipes for potions, different epics like world drop epics and lots more are farmed, but these items can be valuable to sell, or even to keep for later on in the game. You never know when you might need them!

It is a good idea to read the World of Warcraft Farming Guides, along with any other bits of information you get, because this game is very complex and you might just miss out on some loot, extra currency or the chance to trade it. The guides are there for you to use, and putting it off because its too much reading is understandable. You just want to get out there and play the game. However, taking the time to go over the guides will help you in the long run, and make the World of Warcraft gaming experience so much more enjoyable.

Here is one guide for you to get you going taken from the World of Warcraft website:

Hederine Slayers (In Winterspring, Southern part, across the bridge)

Level: 59+ Elites

Type: Demons

Abilities: Mortal Strike

Loot table: Eye of shadow, Epic world drops, 15ish silver and various of other items.

Comments: The Eye of shadow sells for approximately 100-175 gold depending on server.

Tactic 1: Just fear kite the slayer, Be careful, as they hit very hard. So be careful with the DoTs since they can break fear early. They also have high shadow resist so Curse of Shadows is recommended here.

Tactic 2: You can also try to banish it, let a voidwalker aggro it, then fire a shadowbolt, and try to banish again. Will hardly hit you. Safe but very slow killing then.