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What You Need To Know About The Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation Before You Buy It!

What You Need To Know About The Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation Before You Buy It!

The Apple iPod Nano 6th generation seems to rival big brother (iPod Classic) in regards to popularity and legacy. It seems iPod Nano stays in the middle of Apple’s mp3 lineup in terms of convenience, performance, features, and price.

It appears this time around, Apple went back to the drawing board for the iPod Nano 6th generation. As a result, unfortunately many of the features have been discarded, replaced with a smaller size, snazzy little clip-on design, and seven anodized aluminum bright colors (red,green,pink,orange,gray,silver, and blue). Now with a price-point of (8GB) $149 and (16GB) $179 you can’t go wrong.


I have to give it to Apple for surprising everyone when we didn’t think the Nano could get any smaller from what we all experienced in 2009. We were sourly mistaken. The Apple iPod Nano 6th generation now measures an incredible 1.5 inches square, and an astonishing 0.35 inches deep, and throw in a spring-loaded clip (copied from the iPod shuffle). This is unbelievably small…. Literally, like wristwatch face small!!!

Two circle like buttons lay on the top edge of the iPod providing full control over volume adjustment; meanwhile a slightly larger circle-shaped button on the opposite side is used for the sleep/wake control over the touch screen. Yes, you heard right I didn’t get confused or get mixed up: the tiniest iPod ever produced uses the smallest touch screen LCD, measuring in at only an inch square. Heading to the bottom edge of the iPod you’ll find a 30-pin dock connection along with a jack for your headphones. The jack is compatible with all headsets for those of you that like aftermarket earpieces. Like always Apple includes there ever-so-popular white headphones!

The Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation has a glass-covered LCD with a 240×240 pixel resolution which comes out to be about 220 pixels per inch. The touch-screen is responsive as well as fluid just like the makings of the iPhone 4. There are app like icons that are revealed similar to those of the iOS, in turn four scrollable screens that launch into their functions with ease.

The Nano uses many of the same touch-screen features of the iPhone and iPod Touch, but does not include a home button. Of course, there is an easy way to get home just simply swipe left or hold down for a few seconds will do the trick.

Nano’s audio-specific features and intended use as a fitness accessory put it in a category all by itself, with adjusting volume, shuffling songs with a shake, or by disconnecting the headphones to stop the music.

It truly is a fitness necessity.


The most impressive feature iPod Nano possesses would be the size. With Apple shrinking the mp3 in half (50%) meanwhile holding a full-day charge (24 hr), generous capacity options (8GB & 16GB), pause-able FM radio, Genius Mixes, podcasts, photo gallery, clock, audiobooks, stopwatch, pedometer, as well as Nike+ fitness system (optional).

The inter-grated clip serves as an armband.

A surprising omission from the Apple iPod Nano 6th generation is the lack of video playback (camcorder).Many people where disappointed when finding this out.

To be completely honest, trying to watch video on a postage-stamp-size screen is a little over-the-top wouldn’t you say? When is it enough already?

Putting that part behind us, what about some of the help from Apple’s iTunes software including smart playlists or even Genius Mixes. Let me tell ya it definitely takes the legwork out of creating music for those early morning walks or jogs. Don’t forget with the compatibility of iTunes comes those wonderful audiobooks and podcasts.

Now the FM radio player, I would have to say is the best one you’ll find on any portable device out today! Ever wish you could pause live broadcasts? Or how about rewind a live broadcast? Well you can now. Along with storing your favorite radio stations as presets and tag songs from compatible stations. Now by tagging songs you can easily purchase them when you sync back up to your computer. Pretty kool huh?

Like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad the new touch-screen navigation interface allows you to better customize the layout of your main menu. Rearrange the iPod’s icons by holding down and dragging the wiggling apps to their new location.

The square screen will allow you to rotate in any direction, which comes in handy if you have the iPod clipped sideways on your shirtsleeve or upside down on a backpack strap.

Finally, comes the pedometer, this feature can be used when tracking your fitness goals. All it asks you for is your weight, after that it walks you threw setting up other various options (daily step goals). This is a very accurate feature on the iPod Nano recording how many steps you accumulate threw-out the day. O yea it saves the totals in its history as well. In doing this makes it easy for syncing to Nike+ on iTunes. Did I mention this is FREE!


The Apple iPod Nano 6th generation touch screen is unbelievable in regards to its responsiveness and crisp resolution. The controls are dynamic and not fixed like the click wheel design.

The iPod holds up to the standards we’ve experienced from recent years. The fundamental sound quality of the iPod Nano is hard to complain about.

Apple claims the Nano’s battery life at 24 hrs continuous was skeptical. But from what I tested to see how long it could REALLY last I nearly feel off my chair when it finally muted off. A staggering 34 hrs! Yes I am being serious about this. I felt like I broke a new world record. LOL

Now mind you I did not touch the interface what-so-ever after I hit play. Needless to say any touch-screen device you mess with, the quicker you can expect the battery life to dwindle down.