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Top 7 Constructive Applications on Symbian Mobile

Top 7 Constructive Applications on Symbian Mobile

The market share of this operating system shows that it holds a tremendous future in mobile app development. Here are some of the fantastic Symbian apps that are very practicable. Some of the most useful applications are –

Shazam application

This is an exclusive app, especially, for the music lovers. This allows the users to listen a song somewhere even if they don’t know the name of the song or artist. The users can even download their favorite songs very easily without knowing the details of the song. Whenever they listen a sweet but unknown song, they can automatically search all the details of the song online using the Shazam application from their devices. This app will provide to the user all the details and downloads the song with in few seconds.


This app is the only twitter client worth considering for ‘power’ users. The is featured with supports, drafts, favorites, picture posting, RT, URL shortening, delete tweets, user search, scheduled tweets, basic geolocation etc. It also supports basic Facebook, Google Reader and Statusnet. With so many features, one would think that the app to perform poorly. But, by using practically, one will surely find it to be very quick and have an intuitive UI.

Joiku Spot

The users can use this to turn their device into a wireless router. The users must have a Wi-Fi enabled Nokia Smartphone to run the application and it will give the users a wireless access point that connects them to the internet via their mobile internet connection. One can download paid as well as the free version of this app.

Instant Messenger (IM) for Symbian phones

Instant Messenger has become an essential thing for the Smartphones. The Smartphones are known for their features like – providing connectivity on the social networking platforms. Keeping this thing in the mind Instant Messenger application was developed for Nokia devices, that allows the users to connect with all their social friends through a common platform. The biggest drawback of this is that it doesn’t give connectivity to the Facebook, the biggest social networking site.

Resco Photo Viewer

The default Gallery app by Nokia or Symbian is possibly the worst photo viewing application ever created – on any platforms. There are few gallery apps which are really useful. Resco, which is a Symbian based Photo Viewer is one such application. This app supports a plenty of image formats and also has a built-in image editor to edit the elements like – color, contrast, adjustment etc. The app also navigates quickly and is very simple to use.

Quick Office Pro

Quick office pro is the Microsoft Office of the Smartphone. This app allows the users to read and edit any Microsoft document directly from their Nokia Smartphone. As Microsoft office is the lifeline of a desktop or laptop, so same is the case with the Quick Office which is the lifeline of Smartphones. With Quick office pro the users can do almost everything with their document which can be done on their laptop. This is a featured one and is available at a price of US$ 2.5 from the Nokia store.


This can be used by the users to listen to the FM radio. Using it as a standalone application, one can listen to last. FM radio or with the default music player to play songs from their playlist. This is very simple to use and supports Local File Playback which automatically plays the local files on the memory card instead of streaming online.