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This 3D-printed Xbox controller mod lets users play games with one hand

This 3D-printed Xbox controller mod lets users play games with one hand
This 3D-printed Xbox controller mod lets users play games with one hand
Akaki Kuumeri retains up a stock Xbox Series X controller, outfitted with his 3D-printed custom made mod. (Shots courtesy of Akaki Kuumeri)

A YouTube creator has produced a blueprint for a 3D-printed mod for the inventory Xbox Series X gamepad, which would make it attainable to enjoy online video game titles with just a single hand.

The mod, by Japan-based hobbyist Akaki Kuumeri, is composed of a number of snap-on sections that allow a consumer obtain most of the pad’s various buttons from the still left aspect of the device.

The proper thumbstick can be manipulated by location the pad on a area, this sort of as a desk or the user’s leg, and rocking the controller back again and forth. This lets a user with only a single usable hand participate in rapidly-paced motion online games these as Halo Infinite and Elden Ring.

Kuumeri has launched blueprints for the mod by way of printables.com, and estimates it would get about a day and a handful of dollars’ well worth of plastic to put jointly with a appropriate 3D printer.

By working day, Kuumeri performs in safety, and has been tinkering with different 3D-printed controller tasks for a few of a long time, as chronicled on his YouTube channel. His preceding builds consist of handmade racing, arcade, and flight mods, which can equip a stock PlayStation or Xbox gamepad with snap-on controls that mimic much more specialized equipment.

“I’ve manufactured a several distinctive joysticks for flight simulators,” Kuumeri stated to GeekWire by way of electronic mail. “I had a crazy strategy of making a snap-on extension to transform a typical activity controller into anything more like a flight adhere. I have to be truthful, it was half a joke, but it turned out to perform quite very well!”

Kuumeri experienced also been following developments in the available gaming room, which works to make video online games available to the disabled neighborhood by means of specialised management procedures.

Inspired by the 1-handed custom made Xbox controllers designed by Ben Heck, Kuumeri entered a layout contest held by The Controller Project in late 2021 to produce 3D-printed snap-on accessibility mods.

Kuumeri received 2nd spot in the Controller Project’s layout contest with his DualSense mod, appropriate.

“I took the encounter I had built up for printed snap-on controller mods and what very little I understood about gaming accessibility,” Kuumeri reported, “and manufactured the just one-handed DualSense structure.” That mod, made for the PlayStation 5’s trademark controller, was one particular of a few winners of the overall contest. The Xbox model of the mod followed in late March.

Kuumeri is now in the approach of “completing the set,” by producing a identical one particular-handed snap-on mod for the Nintendo Switch’s inventory JoyCon controllers.

“You might say that all those are just one-handed now,” Kuumeri said, “but I have a very little strategy on how to hold and control two of them in one particular hand.”