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The Apple iPhone 4S Is The Perfect Multimedia Smartphone

The Apple iPhone 4S Is The Perfect Multimedia Smartphone

In this article I will take a look at some of the multimedia features found in the popular Apple iPhone 4S. This handset is well known for its versatility and indeed its multimedia capabilities.

The iPhone 4S comes equipped with iTunes as standard, which is Apple’s famous portal for downloading multimedia content such as music, videos and movies. You need iTunes installed on your computer to activate your new iPhone, so Apple has cleverly ensured that every one o its iPhone customers already has an account so that they are already in a position to buy new content via the app on the phone. Users can browse one of the largest multimedia libraries in the world, and choose to purchase individual tracks or entire albums. The same can be done for videos, where users can purchase entire TV series or individual episodes, through to blockbuster movies.

One content has been downloaded, it can then be accessed through the iPod application which is also included as standard with the iPhone 4S. This has the exact same functionality as the popular iPod touch, and allows users to easily find and play their music and videos. Users are able to create custom playlists, or browse content by Album, Artist, Title or Genre etc. The innovative and eye catching coverflow interface allows users to browse music by scrolling through album art. Of course, users can plug in a pair of the iconic which Apple earphones to listen to music on the go, and these are included for free with the handset.

Multimedia of course plays are large part of the appeal of the iPhone 4S and other iPhone models. But there is a lot more to like about the device. There is an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p (full HD) video capture and LED flash, the high resolution retina display, and the well known capabilities as an internet browsing device. Of course, there is also access to the AppStore, which allows users to browse hundreds of thousands of apps, which can be downloaded straight to the handset. This makes the iPhone 4S one of the most versatile smartphones in the world, as the hardware is already in place to allow app developers to create increasingly varied apps.

When it was launched in summer 2011, the iPhone 4S introduced a couple of very innovative features to the iPhone franchise. These included Siri and iCloud. The latter allows users to wirelessly share content between compatible Apple devices such as iMacs, iPads and other iPhones. Siri is the much publicised voice activated personal assistant which utilises all the apps at the phone’s disposal to answer questions, provide directions, write and send messages and much more, just by following the user’s voice command.

As you can see, the iPhone 4S is a very versatile device, but one area where it really stands out is in multimedia use. If you regularly use your smartphone for multimedia tasks, the iPhone 4S is among the best choices. It is available now on several UK networks, with some even offering the handset for free on selected tariffs.