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Star Wars characters in unexpected places

Star Wars characters in unexpected places

(Pocket-lint) – Structure Group artists have been challenged to use their Photoshopping competencies to set Star Wars figures into new unexpected places, cases and timelines. The final results are virtually undoubtedly amusing. 

“Star Wars characters in unexpected sites” is a single of a number of excellent competitions that Layout Crowd operates. With submissions from all manner of talented artists, you’re bound to see some hilarious sights of your favorite people. We have gathered some of our favourites, but be guaranteed to examine out the a variety of galleries to see much more. 

Ewok getting coffee

Imagine you might be off to the travel-through for a fresh new early morning espresso and this small chap leans out of the window with your drink.

Ewoks are clearly acquiring fun relocating into a a lot more city surroundings than they’re utilized to. 

Chewbacca the time traveller

Consider a earth where by Chewbacca has not only travelled across area but also by means of time in buy to struggle in the course of World War 2. The army’s solution weapon and a furry 1 at that.  

Nien Nunb delivers the mail

Nien Nunb was an arms vendor and smuggler who later on assisted Alderaanians. He also flew as the co-pilot for Basic Lando Calrissian aboard the Millennium Falcon during the Struggle of Endor.

But now he is fallen on more durable periods and is seen here providing the post. Definitely a additional peaceful profession at the very least. 

C-3PO looks glorious in a costume

Everyone’s favourite gold droid C-3PO is found below turning to a new lifestyle of modelling. We have to confess, he appears great in a dress. 

jonthemurphy/Structure CrowdStar Wars characters in unexpected places photo 6

Admiral Ackbar on the improper bridge

In an amusing crossover, Admiral Ackbar is witnessed as a Captain about a Starfleet vessel. How many Star Trek and Star Wars followers would be puzzled or aggravated by this?

Storm Trooper at the bus prevent

This lonely Storm Trooper seems to be quite depressing about getting to hold out close to with the general public in buy to catch a bus.

He’s all set for motion, but we surprise where he retains his change to fork out the fare. 

President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline

We surprise what would have happened to the United States if President John F. Kennedy experienced been a Wookie rather of a mere human currently being. 

Positive, people today could possibly have experienced hassle knowing his manifesto, but glimpse at that facial area. How could you not elect it?

Skywalker the slugger

We are not certain that a Jedi would be permitted to perform baseball. Following all, he could use the power to manipulate the ball and cheat for victory. 

A light sabre probably wouldn’t be a terrific decision for a bat either. 

Doggy walker

Fed up with not staying in a position to hit nearly anything, this Storm Trooper has supplied up their weapon and set their hand to canine going for walks rather. From the condition of the gang on the lead, it seems like items are heading perfectly in the new career. 

Crafting by Adrian Willings. Enhancing by Rik Henderson.