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Runes and the Grand Canyon

Runes and the Grand Canyon


No one doubts that these are very difficult times. But these times have been foretold for thousands of years. It is no more, nor less than the changing of Ages caused by the movement of our Solar System through the galaxy.

In our Northern Mythology it was called “The Wolf Age.” In the East “Kali Yuga.”

But it need not concern us modern day Vikings. What we see happening in this world is what is happening to the collective unconsciousness of humanity. Those who hang onto the group mind and the paradigm of the Age of Pisces.

We are in a new paradigm, the Age of Aquarius and we have a new set of rules to live by. The Laws of Quantum Physics.

The key is to individualize. To let go of the old group mind and become an individual co-creator of your own destiny. My ole Rune Master used to tell me that when things got bad to use my tools.

The most powerful tools on the planet now are the Runes. The Runes are the keys to the Universal Energies of Creation. We must learn to use our tools to create our own life. The best way is through Rune Meditations. Breathing the Runes into your Aura. What energies you carry in your Aura create your life.

Runes Grand Canyon Meditation:

You need two realms to be able to transfer the creative energies of the Runes out of the Quantum Ocean (non-physical) into your Aura and your life. You need an outer rune realm and an inner rune realm. For the outer rune realm. I will tell you what mine is, as an example.

It is my favorite recliner chair in my living room. I sit there every time I do a rune meditation or a rune breathing exercise. I do my rune meditation early every morning (4 am.), for at least 1/2 hour. Over the years this chair has become imbued with runic energies. It is my outer rune realm.

My inner rune realm is the Grand Canyon. It is the mental meditation I built to transfer the infinite runic energies in the Quantum Ocean into my finite mental world.

While sitting in my chair (outer rune realm) I mentally picture my self at the Grand Canyon (My inner Rune Realm).

When I do my rune meditations, I am pulling the energies out of the infinite Ocean of Runic energies of the Quantum Ocean into my mental inner rune realm, my outer Rune Realm (chair) and into my Aura.

I chose the Grand Canyon because I lived in Arizona for 20 years. I made 17 visits to it. It is a magical, powerful energy vortex. It was no doubt created by the Creator God as a link between the inner worlds and the outer worlds.

I mentally picture myself sitting at the edge of the Grand Canyon North Rim. I stare at “Thor’s Hammer”, one of the magnificent monuments to our Northern God. I mentally visualize Odin and Thor and Tyr on my right hand. Heimdel, Frey, Niord on my left. According to the laws of Quantum Physics when I mentally see myself in the Grand Canyon I am actually in the Grand Canyon.

In front of me spanning the breath of the Grand Canyon is a semi circle of Armanen Runes. They are huge red flaming runes starting from left to right. These flaming runes are the doorways between the inner and outer rune worlds.

I choose the rune I want, gaze at it and mentally say, “I am now attracting the energies of the Rune FA (or any other) out of the Quantum Ocean, through the Rune FA doorway, and into my mind. From my mind into my Aura and into my Life.”

I visualize the flaming runic energy filling my mind and my Aura. I spend about 1/2 doing these runic transfers from the Quantum Ocean and into my life.

When I open my eyes at the end of my Grand Canyon rune meditation, I can feel my chair, my aura and my body filled with the runic energy.

I get up and go about my business with the assurance and confidence that these runic energies will eventually manifest into my life as people, places and events. Don’t ever scoff at the simplicity of this exercise.