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Office 2010 Error

Office 2010 Error

Microsoft Office 2010 beta

Microsoft has finally launched Microsoft Office 2010 beta. There are several new and unique features offered by MS Office 2010 beta. Some of it amazing features includes:

• Easy file uploading to Windows Live SkyDrive account (having 25GB free storage) and enabling trouble-free access from various PCs.
• Easy insertion of video clips from YouTube into PowerPoint presentation.
• Send and Archive feature allowing Gmail to execute multiple tasks.
• Delivering live presentations through PowerPoint 2010 online which can also be made viewable throughout the world.
• Features allowing easy editing of videos on PowePoint
• Conversion of presentation files into videos which can be uploaded to YouTube and several portable media players.
• Screen clipping utility feature that enables you to instantly capture any part of your desktop screen which can easily be incorporated in your document.
• It displays all the related data when you open email message that has previously been exchanged.
• Last but not the least MS office 2010 beta also features a “green add button” that helps you to add people from Outlook to your social networks.

Though it offers many unique features, it also encounters several errors while installing. Therefore, there are some essential points that need to be considered before installing Microsoft Office 2010 beta which will be discussed below in this article.

Tips to remember before installing Microsoft Office 2010
When you initially install Microsoft Office 2010 beta, it will upgrade the already installed older copy. However, you can customize these settings by installing MS office 2010 beta alongside with your older version of Microsoft Office. It is important that if you installing MS office 14 beta you completely uninstall the already installed Office 2010 because it can result in errors. However, if you are still incurring errors after installing the older version then make use of cleanup utility feature to remove all present traces of the earlier Office version.

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