macos – How can I log into a MacBook when I tried a few times and now the account is locked?

This is a MacBook Professional M1 with Monterey. The challenge is: I simply cannot even electric power it down properly.

  1. Can I continue to retry log in (typing in the password)
  2. Or, someway shut it down gracefully

It doesn’t demonstrate any log in input fields any far more, and there is no Shut Down icon. Only a Terminate button which will bring about the pc to nap suitable absent.

The details are:

I may well have missed a person character or two (capitial letter, image, and many others) and following a possibly 8 or 10 occasions, it now suggests, “Your Account is locked” on the log in display screen.

There is only a “Cancel” button to place the pc to nap proper absent.

So I are unable to log in, check out once more, or gracefully shut down the laptop or computer.

I do not want to press the power button for 10 seconds or press the Shift-Ctrl-Choose-CMD Ability button to power it to electricity down, as that would harm the OS and the tricky travel. Envision the OS writing a thing to the tough push and you pressure it down.


  1. transferring the mouse to the top rated monitor edge will not provide out the macOS process bar.
  2. right simply click on the desktop track record does not do everything

How can I progress? I do have a further MacBook Air M1 and iPad and Iphone if they can aid. I also can use my iTunes / iCloud password to by some means reset my MacBook… I believe Apple goofed at the UI structure simply because they is no sleek way out when a consumer comes about to fail to remember the password.