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Kenya’s Beautiful Landscape Is a Must See for Luxury Vacationers

Kenya’s Beautiful Landscape Is a Must See for Luxury Vacationers

Kenya is a tranquil nation found in the eastern side of Africa. It is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south east and surrounded by other less developed countries like Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania amongst others. This splendid country is found in the tropics region and is divided by the equator into two nearly equal parts. Kenya is hot and moist for the better part of a year except for June and some parts of July when the weather becomes chillier. As a result of the amazing climatic conditions many wildlife species found nowhere else in the world have made Kenya their home.

To add on, the Masai Mara which is a Kenya luxury safari game reserve has been ranked by UNESCO as one of the ‘wonders of the world.’ Here, tourists can get a glimpse of the spectacular lives of the big five wild animals that make a living in these vast plains. These animals are the elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and lion. There’s an ever increasing competition amongst the carnivores of the scarce and dodgy herbivores which inhabit the Mara. As a result, the meat eaters have invented very ingenious pack hunting strategies that are very interesting to watch. Three or four lions surround their prey and crouch while closing in to avoid the prey from not only seeing but also smelling their presence. Once they are close enough one of the carnivores would chase the herd towards the two other lions that are hiding right ahead ready to make a kill. Visitors to the Mara can take photos of the fast, sleek and powerful carnivores as they close in on their prey.

Moreover, the Masai Mara is known for the spectacular herds of wildebeests that regularly cross over the Mara River in search of better pastures at the other side of the bank in the country of Tanzania. But what makes this Kenya luxury safari more interesting is the tremendous amounts of herds that jump into the water at equal intervals with crocodiles more than 7 feet long lurk in the hazy waters ready to devour them. Tourists enjoy seeing the melee caused by millions of these animals as they endeavour to cross the river across a single spot. Here not the strong but ‘lucky’ animals make it to the other side of the bank.

Kenya Wildlife Service is the organization mandated with administration of this spectacular Kenya luxury safari park. Though it is operational throughout, there are specific dates that visitors are more encouraged to come since amount of activities in the Mara are more. Recommendable wildlife viewing seasons are generally taken to be around May and mid August when the weather is quite dry for the best Kenya luxury safari experience. But due to massive numbers of tourists during this time one may choose to come around September when it’s humid and warm.