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iPhone 13 Pro Max Review

iPhone 13 Pro Max Review
iPhone 13 pro max

Image Source – pixabay | Image by – Monoar_CGI_Artist

Apple introduces its new flagship iPhone 13 pro max on 14 Sep 2021. This iPhone 13 pro max is best for those who want long battery life, a fast-performing processor, and a high-quality camera setup. Apple company finally upgraded its display. It uses OLED with a high screen refresh rate. Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of the most potent iPhones in the market, and it promises to bring users a smooth, uninterrupted workflow. And it’s got a big display, too. Apple is positioning the iPhone 13 Pro Max as a cellphone for professionals because it has more features to use as a professional cell phone. In this cellphone, Apply gives you the opportunity to 1TB memory storage to save your best memories without any Hindrance.

What’s in the Box?

In the Box, you see your beautiful cellphone, some paperwork, a sim injection pin, an Apple logo sticker, and a fast-charging cable.
The Box of the iPhone 13 pro max is fragile. On the front side of the Box, you can see the iPhone 13 pro max backside picture. On the backside of the Box, you will see the Box packed with two strips the color of your cell phone mentioned on it and some instructions also mentioned.

iPhone 13 pro max

Image Source – unsplash | Image by – Phúc Khang Mobile


Apple is the best leading smart cell phone brand across the world. It gives customers with best. The security level of these cellphones is best. iPhone 13 pro max comes in beautiful colors: graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue. Face id of iPhone 13 pro max much faster than the old iPhone series. But here I have a complaint is that most people wear a mask in the public area. That’s why face id does not work correctly. Apple company must give us an alternate solution to unlock the cellphone quickly like a touch id fingerprint sensor.
But after the update of the version to 15.4, Apple resolves this issue to unlock it while wearing a mask.


The cell phone display is stunning Apple uses Scratch-resistance ceramic glass to protect the display screen. The resolution of the display screen is 1282* 2778 pixels with a 120Hz refresh rate which enhance the performance of the iPhone 13 pro max.

Image Source – unsplash | Image by – Jeremy Bezanger

Its 6.7 inches panel can dynamically measure the refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz, which gives you a smooth feel while using the cellphone. The wide color gamut will not irritate your eyes while using the cellphone. This is the feature of the cellphone which Apple introduced in this cellphone.


128GB/6GB RAM, 256GB/6GB RAM, 512GB/6GB RAM and 1 Tarabite/6GB RAM.
In the old iPhone, most people face memory storage issues. But this time, Apple gives you up to 1TB memory storage with 6GB Ram.


Quad camera setup in this iPhone 13 pro max. the camera of the cellphone is best because Apple gives us more options and high camera quality in this iPhone 13 pro max.

Image Source – apple | Image by – apple

Main Camera:

The primary camera of this cellPhone is 12MP, 26mm wide, dual pixel, and OIS sensor-shift.

Telephoto camera:

The telephoto camera is 12MP, 77mm telephoto with 3x optical zoom

Image Source – apple | Image by – apple

Ultra-wide camera:

The ultra-wide-angle camera is 12MP, 13mm, 120* ultrawide

Selfie Camera:

The selfie camera of this cellphone is 12MP, 23mm (wide), with a depth and biometrics sensor.

Battery Life:

Apple gives us a significant upgrade in the battery section iPhone 13 pro max battery timing is 12 hours 16 mins. Apple company improves the battery life of this iPhone 13 pro max. They improve up to 2 hours from iPhone 12. But this iPhone is capable of fast charging speed with 27W while connected to USB-C 30W fast charging brig.


This is the best cellphone because the features are next level, and the camera of this cellphone is fantastic. It’s a value to money cellphone. You will never disappoint after buying this cellphone.