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i7s tws airpods Buying Guide and Reviews

i7s tws airpods Buying Guide and Reviews

This review will focus on the i7STws Bluetooth Airpods. The headset produces the highest quality stereo sound with 360° stereo sound. It also comes with a 950mAh charging dock that can charge your Bluetooth headset five times. Let’s see how it performs.

Features of the i7s Tws Airpuds

  • Adopt accurate wireless technology.
  • The lightweight and compact design reduce pressure on your ears.
  • Fast charging is possible with the charging box.
  • Two people can listen to the same song simultaneously without using earphones.
  • Small details protect your earphones from falling when you exercise hard.
  • Double-click to redial an outgoing call. One-click to play or pause music.
  • You can listen to the right song. It is compatible with calls and songs.
  • Keep in mind the call number and the last call back. All brilliant Chinese and English voices will start with this number.
  • Pair, switch off the phone’s power. A low voice will be heard.
  • You can view the power status on your iPhone.
  • Do not worry about electricity. Make your life easy.
  • Two mobile phones can be connected simultaneously with one to two connections.
  • Bluetooth headset connected to your phone after power off. The Bluetooth headset will then be connected.
  • You can then close the phone again, making it more convenient.
  • Smart compatibility: All Bluetooth phones, tablets, laptops, and songs are supported.
  • All universal mobile phones can play QQ music and movies.

Some more detail about i7s tws Airpods


The i7 TWS looks similar to AirPods in appearance and material. It is made of plastic and comes in two colors, black and white. The i7s TWS has a multifunction button control. It acts as a volume controller, power button, and music play/pause. There is an indicator light beneath the button that will turn red when charged. Most people assume you have Apple AirPods if your earbuds are in your ears.

This product comes in a variety of colors. The colors of the earbuds seem to be matching those on the iPhone, which comes in black, red, and rose gold.

The earbuds have a charging port at the bottom and a power button on the sides. When the earbuds have been paired or charged, an LED blinks. The i7s TWS also has a microphone that allows you to make and receive calls. Comfort is good. It fits in the ear and stays put. It is slightly larger than the AirPods from Apple and, therefore, more challenging to fit. You can still wiggle your head and ensure they stay in your ear. They won’t be noticeable in your ear, although I don’t know their exact weight.

The charging case is made from the same material as the earbuds and has the same size and appearance as the AirPods charging dock. It also features 2 LED indicators. You can use the button to check the state of your i7TWS charging case’s battery. On the opposite side is the micro-USB port.


15mm2. Impedance: 32 OHM3. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v4.1+EDR4. Bluetooth frequency band: 2.2.4GHz5. Power Level: CLASS II6. Output power: 30mW7. Bluetooth Distance: 15 m accessible8. Frequency response: 20-20000Hz9. Operating voltage range: 3.0V-4.2V10. Mic sensitivity: -42dB11. Stereo audio transmission with high-quality and remote control protocol using A2DP/AVRCP12. Powerful noise cancellation circuit (active noise reduction)13. To switch between English and Chinese (if the phone isn’t connected to Bluetooth, you will need to press the switch twice)14. Charging takes approximately 1 hour (power indicator charge: red, full charge: blue light),15. Product size: 25mm in diameter. 15MM wide. 35mm high16. The net weight of the product is 6g17. Talk time is approximately 2-3 hours18; music time is approximately 2-3 hours19. The standby time for the phone is approximately 96 hours20. Charging takes approximately 60 minutes21. The capacity of the battery is 55MAH22. Charging power supply. DC5V power supply [round hole connector] (computer USB port. Mobile phone charger. Car charger).


Product weight: 120gPackaging size: 10x10x3.5Product color is black, white, and rose gold. Standard: Headphone + Charging Cable + Manual Chinese-English Double Sided + Packaging BoxFeatures You can listen to and receive calls and songs by correcting the phone’s volume. You can monitor the status of your headset’s battery life by checking the display on the iPhone connected to it after you have charged the battery. The headset can connect up to 2 phones simultaneously. The Bluetooth headset can be turned on after the phone has been turned off. It will then automatically reconnect to the phone when it is turned back on. This is more convenient and faster.6 Smart Compatibility: Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Compatible with more than 100 APPs, players, TV, and other common. Packaging Inside: Bluetooth version is V4.2 EDRPlayback Time: 4-5HStandby: 120HBattery Capacity: 65mAh*2Weight: 48g1Standard accessories include headphones, charging warehouse, charging lines, manual, and packaging box.


The i7 TWS has almost all of the same features as the AirPods. However, it is not compatible with iOS devices like the original AirPods. This includes pop-up windows and auto-pairing. You can’t even open Siri or Assistant. You can’t lower the volume from the i7S, so get your phone. The operation is easy and quick so that you can start quickly.

How to Pair i7S Airpods with TWS Earbuds

One Airpod can be used separately or both. The user manual contains a tutorial on connecting one or more Airpods.

  1. Press the multifunction buttons on both sides simultaneously until the led flashes red and blue.
  2. Double-click the left earphone, and it will automatically pair. You will then hear a prompt:
  3. “Ready for pairing.”
  4. Turn on your phone Bluetooth and select “i7S tws” for connection.
  5. Connect is possible.

How to Use i7S tws Airpods:

The state of the i7 TWS will depend on when you press the button.

  1. Turn on: Hold the Multifunction key down for about 4-5 seconds. The blue lights will then go up.
  2. Switch off: Hold the Multifunction key down for three seconds. The red lights will then flash while the keys are being used.
  3. Answer a Call: You will hear a “beeping” sound on your left earbud when a call arrives. To answer a call, press the button on your left earbud.
  4. Grab the phone and hang up: To hang up, press the button on the earbuds.
  5. Reject an Incoming Phone: Call Hold the button on the earbuds for one second until you hear the prompt “Call rejected.”
  6. Dial the Last Number: Hold the Multi-function Key of the leading earphone and press it.
  7. Activate Voice Dialing: Double-click the Left Multi-function Key during Standby Mode for 1 Second to activate voice dialing. The last number you called will then be redialed.

Music playing control:

  1. Play/Pause: To play or pause the music, press the button on one earbud.
  2. Play next song: To play the next song, click the Multi-function Key on the vice headset.
  3. Diminish the volume (-): Hold the left earphone for 3 seconds and release the button.
  4. Increase the volume (+): To turn up the volume, touch the right earphone (slave earphone) for 3 seconds.

Sound Quality and Microphone

These cheap wireless AirPods are priced to match the quality. It has a poor sound quality and lacks bass. It is not as good or as high-class or medium AirPods. However, it is still better than other cheaper brands of TWS headphones.

It is possible to listen to music or watch a video while audio playback happens. You will also hear noises if you are paying attention to the music.

The microphone quality is excellent. Although you can speak comfortably indoors, some interference may occur in public areas. However, don’t be alarmed; the microphone comes with a mighty noise dancing circuit. You can only use one earbud to make calls.

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to hear other people when making calls. It could be a problem with the Bluetooth connection or a microphone. It’s impossible to know.


Bluetooth V4.2 is featured in the i7 TWS earbuds. They transmit stable data over approximately 10 meters without any barriers. They are also low in power consumption and have high compatibility.

Battery Life i7S Tws Earbuds

The battery life is about 6 hours. Each earbud has a 65mAh battery. A charging dock with a 960mAh can charge the earbuds 5-6 times. The i7 TWS talk or music time takes approximately 3-4 hours, and the standby time takes between 60-80 hours. The full charge can take around 1 hour.

Note: You can charge headphones with a USB-to–pin adapter. Each headphone has a pin charger that connects to the base of its stem. It is convenient.

i7s Tws Prices and Availability

The i7s Tws can be purchased on Gearbest at $12.86 or Aliexpress for $4.58.

It is a great price. However, you can’t expect high-quality sound from $5 earbuds. It works well. You can listen and make calls. Don’t miss this fantastic deal. Click on the store icon to access the deal.

Package includes

  • i7S Bluetooth Headphones (Left and Right)
  • Charging box
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Manual for the User

Specification for i7S Tws Earbuds

  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v5.0 has been updated
  • Power level: Class 2 and 3
  • Output power: 30mW
  • Frequency Response: 2.4-2.85GHz
  • Operating voltage range: 3.0V-5V
  • Mic: -42dB (with microphone)
  • A2DP/AVRCP High quality stereo audio transmissions and remote control protocols
  • Powerful noise de-noising circuit (active noise reduction)
  • Polymer lithium battery 50mA for earphones
  • Charging time: 0.5-1 hour
  • Music time: 2-3 hours (0% Guarantee, It’s Full, There’s No Virtual Mark, It’s Complete)
  • Standby time: 130 Hours
  • Transmission distance: Outdoor straight distance of 10meters
  • Controller: 15mm
  • Impedance: 32 OHM
  • Bluetooth Use Band: 2.4 GHz
  • Power level: Class II
  • Bluetooth distance: 10-meter barrier
  • Sensitivity of the microphone: -42dB
  • Switch between Chinese and English (the boot does not connect to the Bluetooth status), press the
  • Switch twice and listen carefully to the tone switch.
  • Listening to music Time: Tune 2.5 Hours.

The TWS i7s earphones look very convincing at first. Airpod! The pack fooled boy Mo. I had to inform Boy Mo that it was a cheap Airpod Clone set. However, I did not tell him the cost of the set. I had to keep my rep intact—my TWS HTML7S earphones review.

I’m ready to give my verdict after using the i7S Airpod clone for over two weeks. Here is a diagram showing the various features of the earphones. Pay attention to the Multifunction button at each earbud. It acts as a power button, volume control, and music play/pause buttons.


What does TWS mean?

TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo. This technology has been used in Bluetooth earphones. TWS Bluetooth earphones such as the i7s or others are examples of this technology.

What Bluetooth Profiles Does The i7sTWS Earphones Support?

The i7s TWS headphones support HSP and Bluetooth profiles. They can also play stereo music from other devices or phones.

How can I get my i7s TWS headphones to work?

These are the steps to pair your TWS® i7s earbuds and your smartphone.

  • Step 1: Remove either of your i7sTWS earbuds (or both) from the charging case.
  • Step 2: Hold the multifunction button down until the LED light blinks alternately in red and blue.
  • Step 3: Open the Bluetooth menu on your phone, enable Bluetooth, and scan for compatible devices.
  • Step 4: Select “TWSi7s” from the list of devices, and your TWS i7s TWS headphones will be paired to your phone.

How can I adjust the volume on my i7s TWS?

  • To Pause/Play Music: Use the multifunction button at either earbud to pause or play music.
  • Long press the multifunction button on the left earbud to reduce the volume.
  • To increase the volume, long-press the multifunction button at the right earbud.

TWS i7S Airpods Review – The Good

TWS charging I like the charging pod or case. The pod has a built-in battery that can protect your earphones and charge them without needing to be connected to a wall socket. The pod acts as a power bank for headphones. It looks excellent charging the headphones that way.

The i7s AirPods can be charged by connecting any micro-USB charger to their pod/carry cases. Additionally, the box contains a USB-to-pin charger that can be used directly to charge each headphone. The pin charger plugs into each headphone’s base.

I like that I can only use one pair of headphones and keep the other at my house, in a bag, or a car. It is dangerous to plug both ears. You never know what warning signs you might be missing if both ears are plugged, whether you’re driving, sleeping at home, or walking down the street.

The earphones have a loud volume, which is excellent. The volume is sufficient not to make you strain to hear the other person.

TWS i7S Airpod Clone Review – The Bad

Audio quality is one of the most disappointing aspects of the i7s AirPods. Let me say it: These headphones have the poorest audio quality I have ever seen. It isn’t terrible.

People on the other end of phone calls often claim they cannot hear me correctly, but I sometimes hear them. Are the microphone and speakers to blame, or is the Bluetooth connection poor? Without technical equipment, there is no way to find out.

The TWS i7S made phone calls a tedious affair for me and failed where it was most important. My primary use for my audio headphones is to make phone calls while my hands are busy with other things, such as when I’m driving or working.

TWS i7S Review: Conclusion

The i7s TWS earphones look great, feel good in the ear, and have long battery life. About 5 hours of active usage. Music playback is fine. It sometimes gets me down when I’m talking to my phone.

Although it isn’t bad, it can leave you with a slightly sour taste in the mouth. You get excellent performance most of all.

i7s tws airpods Buying Guide and Reviews