How to use Google Assistant on Pixel Watch

How to use Google Assistant on Pixel Watch, Google Assistant on your Use OS smartwatch might look like an obvious element, and it has been on older Android smartwatches. But on the hottest crop of Put on OS 3 gadgets, access to the digital voice assistant has been a little bit hit and pass up. Luckily, there have been no delays in the characteristic being out there from working day one with Google’s to start with wearable. So, let’s get into how to use it on the Pixel Enjoy.

What is Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google. Its presence was warmly welcomed by Google users. So don’t be surprised if there are 500 million people who use this apps until early 2020, Google Assistant is also supported by artificial intelligence available on mobile devices or smart home devices.

This artificial intelligence allows this apps to carry out two-way conversations and perform various functions and jobs, It is also a voice-activated speaker via Google Home.

Since 2017, Google Assistant has been released as a standalone application on Android as well as on the iOS operating system. That same year, this apps was expanded to support a wide range of devices, such as in cars as well.

How to permit and use Google Assistant on Pixel Watch

Accessing the Google Assistant on a Pixel Enjoy can be achieved in a several various methods at the time you allow the aspect. So, let’s go through that method ahead of I lay out how to truly use the voice assistant if you did not allow this apps in the course of the preliminary setup of the view.