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How to Delete Yourself From The Internet

How to Delete Yourself From The Internet

In this internet era, it is impossible to erase your footprints once you dip yourself in it. Reasons are obvious that you are already a devoted user of Facebook and tweeter from Twitter, vivid watcher of YouTube also one of those crores of addicted internet fellas.

If you want to delete yourself despite all these addictions, we have written this post exclusively for you, which helps you remove yourself from the internet using the following guide:

Though it’s relatively easy to hit a “quit from internet” button, once you pressed it, it’s impossible to get back your deleted accounts, and the chances are that you might regret it later. So be warned.

Start deleting your accounts in all sites:

You must have a clear idea about the places where you signed up to get a service or product from any website. Consider following the checklist of the sites to make the task easier.

1. Social networks like, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ or maybe Orkut if you are the first one to taste the soup of internet.

2. Online cloud storage networks like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon web services.

3. Shopping sites like Amazon, eBay and local shopping sites.

If you face any issues while deleting the accounts, feel free to contact the service provider regarding the issue, and it won’t be a cumbersome task as most of these sites have one-click deletion methods to remove your account.

Start digging for your personal identity data from leecher sites:

There are chances that your information is already leaked or sold by someone else without your consent. So in that case, it gets tedious to delete those and erase it, so follow the below steps:

1. Go to Google.com and hunt for companies which buy user data for ad promotions.

2. Make a list of sites, and we are sure that sites like people finder, white pages have your data.

3. Then search for yourself and consider removing the data by appealing to the site.

4. The chances are that you can easily get this done as they won’t list you on their website opposing your right to stay anonymous.

Remove yourself from web directories and who.is

If you ever bought a domain or web hosting from any of the service providers, then we are sure that your data is publicly accessible from who.is to remove yourself from who.is follow below guide

1. Sign in with your domain service provider.

2. Go to your account and check my domains.

3. Opt for privacy protection if you are not willing to let go of your domain, or delete the account and all your orders will be cancelled and boom! Who.is data will be gone.

Remove your personal information from Big G:

Google stores everything, so is your identity. Even after removing yourself from all social sites and shopping sites, still, some websites might list you with your SSN number. So in that case, you can file a legal form and request Google to remove it. Follow below guide to remove yourself from Google search index.

1. Visit: support.Google.com

2. Request for content removal and in next few days the search result will be excluded with your identity.

Bidding bye to all of your email accounts:

Without this going anonymous is not possible. So one final way to bid a bye to your email accounts. Follow below guide to delete all your email accounts.

1. Sign in to all your email service provider accounts.

2. Go to my accounts and settings.

3. From settings go to privacy settings and choose to delete my account or deactivate my account.

4. Depending on your email service provider, the above steps may vary slightly.

Conclusion: Even though you follow the all above process, there might still somewhere left the traces of yourself. Nothing can guarantee your anonymity.

Hence you should be patient in this whole process and make sure you erase everything without leaving anything behind. You can always use the search engines to find the account removal process of your service providers.

Since this can’t be done in a single day. It obvious going to take few weeks at least. Be patient, be persistent and adios para it amigo.