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Have You Optimized Your Site for Different Identities?

Have You Optimized Your Site for Different Identities?

In this question, we mean the identity of your identity, such as your identity, including your name, national code, address, telephone number, and other things that your legal authority identifies.

Google looks at your site the same way.

Now consider your wife. Your spouse’s profile is a series of issues related to your identity, such as your address and phone number. Maybe even work one place and get one.

Maybe someone else is your name. Now if this person is in the same place, you will have more details with you. Suppose this person has his name and city name in the list of people who have the flight ban and leave the city. You might be in trouble for the airport at the time, and you will not be able to get out of your way.

How does Google look at identities in SEO?
Google is not Adam. Use the algorithm to determine the SEO rating. So it’s likely that like the flight listings, these similarities cause Google to think your site is trying to deceive the ranking system.

But Google does not have the right to defend itself as a legal system, but if it does, it will be labeled as offending.

When this happens, all the work that you have done to optimize your site is going to die.

Who uses multiple identities?
Medical practitioners – doctors, dentists and surgeons. Usually, the optimal size of their site for SEO is such a problem.

Imagine having a physician building six to a doctor. Each one has its own identity, with different specializations and branches and different patients. Every doctor wants to browse the directory and take advantage of Google’s local identity.

While optimizing the site for medical activities is something defined, but when we want to optimize for each of these doctors, Google’s algorithms label them.

Legal and specialist services such as accountants and UML agencies have the same problem. Even if several identities do not come together on a website, your name, address, and contact number may not be logged in correctly and you will encounter the same problem.

Suppose employees of a company each and every one have a separate website for themselves. Google thinks a company wants to boost its use of several SEO websites.

This problem sometimes affects companies with the same address (one place) but their names and their phone numbers are differently influenced.

Solve multiple identities and website optimization problems
SEO companies are tricky to overcome multi-identities.

Although the work we do to solve this problem is complex, we use the listing for the Google My Business. If you want your company to be in the best position, you need to look after the independent identities of your company.

If any doctor chooses to rank himself personally, we can use the individual listing tricks individually, and in this way we will let Google know how many you are in a company, and Google will not list you as a blacklist.

With this method, you can let Google know that each of the different identities of your site performs different tasks. For example, an internal doctor will perform surgery and an orthopedic surgeon will give patients on another floor. The website of each of these specialists is linking to the local Google directory or the main site services page and we will optimize your site for a few experts and keywords. We can also create Google My Business for our company and Brands.