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Have An Internet Access Even If You’re Away From Your PC With Garmin NuVi 295W Wi-Fi GPS

Have An Internet Access Even If You’re Away From Your PC With Garmin NuVi 295W Wi-Fi GPS

During the old times, there are no computers to help people’s jobs to finish faster like calculations are done manually so errors are always present. Internet was also developed after the computer became known by many and internet companies have been establish to make computers reach other people from across the globe. You can get access anywhere in the world anytime in any day with the use of internet and computers.

Wi-Fi connectivity lets you use this Garmin Nuvi 295W and get access to the internet just like your computer at home. 3MP camera with auto focus is built-in already in this thin GPS navigator in which you can also geotag those pictures that you have captured using the 3MP camera and to create routes through the pictures. Nuvi 295W GPS is Wi-Fi ready so all you have to do is to locate some of the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots if you want to connect to the internet. Among the Garmin Nuvi GPS navigators, this is the only model that has Wi-Fi connectivity. Because this unit is very slim, it can be easily put in your pockets. Email messages from Gmail, IMAP, POP3, AOL Mail and Hotmail are accessible in this device for it gives you a full desktop feature so it is just like when you are working in your computer. Entering several email accounts in this GPS is also allowed. For emails, this device is not capable to read HTML messages so you will only receive plain text messages on your emails.

You can browse and access the internet using this HTML browser tool designed in this machine. Email attachments like PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, PDF, and Microsoft Word documents are readable using this gadget. Places where restaurants, hotels, gas stations or malls can be easily located by using Google local search icon installed in this equipment. You can get access to these points of interest in your GPS by tapping the current location icon on tools or map section of your device. This unit weighs 4.8 ounces and 2.5 mm headphone jack, micro SD cards slot, and a mini USB connector. Text to speech feature helps you locate address names for it dictates the street name on your location or the streets where you pass while driving.

This sleek and super handy Garmin 295W GPS navigator is not exclusively made only to be used as a navigational tool. Its user-friendly interface provides you with easy access features like calendar, stop watch, checklist, calculator and a lot more interesting features with just a quick tap of the screen.

Other than that, tools like currency converter, world travel clock with time zones, 5 day weather forecasts, JPEG picture viewer and other useful features for traveling are all ready in this GPS device. This GPS navigator helps you find the place where you parked your car with its Garmin Locate feature that automatically marks your position when you take it away from your vehicle.

The bad side of this Garmin Nuvi 295W GPS navigator is its battery life. With constant use of this unit, battery life will only stand for four hours only. CityXplorer maps, tri-axial compass, speed limit display and mp3 player are just some of the features included in this GPS gadget.

This device can do multi-tasks with different features that makes it an all-around device not only for traveling reasons. When you want to send emails to your friends especially when it is for urgent reasons and you can’t connect to your computer, well this GPS is capable to let you send emails with its enabled Wi-Fi connectivity feature.