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Cowin e 7 review- Ultimate buying guide

Cowin e 7 review- Ultimate buying guide

Quality is the most important thing. There are some items in life that you cannot sacrifice quality in exchange for a price, and it is wiser to save your money somewhat instead of buying a lower-quality version. Headphones are among these items.

They’re an investment worth making over the long term. Most people would instead save to buy a decent pair of headphones to get years of premium audio instead of opting for low-quality headphones and suffering from low-quality sound until the headphones break.

But, there are times when it’s not feasible first to save. Things get busy, and we’ll need affordable headphones. Have no fear! There are many models there that aren’t just cheap and high-quality, but they’re also high-end. Also, you can enjoy your cake and have it all.

Cowin is a well-known brand that has attracted a lot of customers from all over the globe with its headphones. They’re a top seller on Amazon and are consistently receiving high praise. But how distinct are the two most popular models? We’ve decided to test one of them, the Cowin E7, against the Cowin E7 Pro. Let’s see how the two stack against each other.

How We Started Reviewing

The Cowin E7 was released in December of this year. The Bluetooth headphone, headphones, and speakers are gaining the market due to their wireless capability. Users no longer have to worry about catching the wire at the edge of their door handles.

Unfortunately, low-end Bluetooth headphones can break easily and have abysmal sound quality. Bluetooth headphones that were durable and offered a better audio quality typically cost more than $100, which isn’t good either. Cowin came up with a strategy and launched the E7, the perfect size. It was reasonably priced and included features that higher-end models did not have.

In the year 2018 in 2018, the Cowin E7 Pro was released. It promised better sound quality, but the price was many people doubtful. We’ve compared the two headphones to determine the difference and if it’s worth upgrading.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In the beginning, we will examine the pros and pros. Each Cowin E7 and the Cowin E7 Pro are advertised as low-cost headphones. It is reasonable to believe that the features of these headphones would be great, maybe even fantastic to some, but not the best.

Cowin E7

The first set of headphones that we’ll examine will be that of the Cowin E7.


  • Affordable
  • Long battery life
  • NFC enabled
  • Active noise cancellation


  • The plastic finishes don’t look very appealing.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Cowin E7 headphones. While it has some vital aspects, it has a few shortcomings, too.

Cowin E7 Pro

Let’s take an in-depth look at the updated release from Cowin called the E7 Pro.


  • Battery life longer
  • Better noise cancellation
  • Larger drives for better audio output
  • New design improved


  • There aren’t any NFC capabilities
  • The material used is plastic
  • More expensive

Here are the pros and cons of the Cowin E7 Pro. It exceeds its predecessor in capabilities and performance but still deals with its problems.

Similarities and Differences

The Cowin E7 Pro is an upgraded version of the Cowin E7. The majority of the time, there isn’t much changed. When fully charged, they will last for about 30 hours. The Cowin E7 and Cowin E7 Pro come with active noise cancellation that, in these times, are essential for sure.

The default color of both Bluetooth headphones is black. However, for those willing to pay a bit more, you can choose from many colors available. The color options for the Cowin E7 and the Cowin E7 Pro might differ. Specific options available for the Cowin E7 may not be available on those with the Cowin E7 Pro and vice reverse.

Cowin E7, Cowin E7, is priced at $59.99 for its default color. If the customer chooses to purchase different colors, the cost goes up to $69.99.

The Cowin E7 Pro is slightly more expensive, at $89.99 with its default colors. For $94.99, the buyer can pick an additional shade of their headphone. This part gets costly, but the headphones cost less than $100.

The first Cowin E7 is equipped with noise reduction of up to 28db. However, the Cowin E7 Pro improved and increased it to 30db. In this situation, a Cowin E7 Pro would be the best choice for those who work, lives in, at, or works in an environment with plenty of background sound.

The style hasn’t changed much in terms of the design unless there is one distinction. Comparatively, the Cowin E7 Pro looks bulkier. In addition, to improve the appearance of the headsets and increase their appeal visually, they decided to change one of the features present on the Cowin E7 Pro. They have also ensured there is no change in making sure that the Cowin E7 Pro is lighter than the original version. This is very beneficial because it is less likely to drop off the headphones and strain your ears.

The Cowin E7 Pro has more battery power. Comparatively, against its predecessor, the Cowin E7, which has 750 mAh, the Pro is increased to 800mAh.

One thing that can be difficult to understand is that one thing that is confusing is that Cowin E7 is equipped with NFC. The latest version, which is upgraded is the Cowin E7 Pro, does not.

Why is this an issue?

Bluetooth is indeed impressive. However, it takes an effort, particularly in this day and age. First, we’d need to turn on the headphones manually. After that, we’ll need to open your device, choose the settings, find those Bluetooth options, turn Bluetooth on, and pair the devices (which takes a considerable amount of time with older models), after which we connect the devices to our headphones.

With NFC, simply tapping will link your headphones with the device. The only thing we need to do is ensure the phone is not locked for security reasons. This may not sound like a lot. However, it can make a difference, especially in rush situations.

In the Box

The Cowin E7 box includes headphones with a micro USB cable and the 3.5mm audio cord, a user’s guide, and a case to keep the headphones inside.

The Cowin E7 Pro contains mainly the same accessories, except the headphones model and the case. The case is challenging, with mesh pockets transporting the headphones and accessories.

The case, however, is a big space hog. It is not practical to carry it and may need to be held in a bag instead. Compared to Cowin E7, which came with a case, the hard case offers more protection to the headphones and other accessories from rain or accidents.


It was mentioned previously that in the past, the Cowin E7 Pro looked slightly more significant in comparison to its predecessor, the Cowin E7. However, they’re similar in dimensions. The headphones measure 6.5 inches by 3.6 and 7.1 inches.

The Cowin E7’s construction is made of plastic. This helped reduce cost, but visually it’s not a very attractive design. It’s not very appealing. Cowin E7 Pro is also constructed of plastic, which, given the cost, maybe disturbing to those who were hoping for a change from the earlier model.

The earpads and the headband on both Cowin E7 and the Cowin E7 Pro are made from soft faux leather that is comfortable. The users can alter the headband to be comfortable and allow the headphones to fit on their heads perfectly.

On the earpieces, there are two indicators, one on each side and the other on the right.

The switch for turning off and on is situated on the right side and the aux connector. A charging connector is located on the left-hand right side. The present Cowin E7 model is equipped with a 40mm aperture for the driver.

The Cowin E7 headphones’ buttons are congested and located within the same place, which is disconcerting considering they had plenty of room to work in. Making the wrong button choices due to a mistake could be frequent and irritating. The layout of the buttons on Cowin E7 Pro has been changed. Cowin E7 Pro has been slightly shifted. However, it’s not an enormous improvement.

In terms of weight, the Cowin E7 weighs 13.6 ounces. The headphones are bulky since they’re not folding. The earpieces can rotate 90 degrees to fold flat to be stored easily.

More information For Cowin E7

The Cowin E7 Pro is identical in size to its predecessor, the Cowin E7. But, as we’ve mentioned, the latter is heavier, therefore, if these headphones were worn in public, they might appear a bit too big, but it’s not an issue for most people.

Despite its bulk, compared to Cowin E7, the weight is diminished. It weighs just 10.6 ounces, which increases the comfort level. A lighter pair of headphones eases pressure on the ears of the user. This is evident when a person wears headphones for long periods.

Cowin E7 Pro headphones Cowin E7 Pro headphones are predominantly made of plastic, which may be disturbing to some consumers given the cost of the headphones. However, there’s a change to the overall design. The ear plates aren’t made of plastic, as they were in the previous model. Instead, they were replaced with a brushed metal finish, which makes the headphones appear less sloppy.

The same material was used for the headband, and earpads were used on both models. On the Cowin E7 Pro, the headband was made with additional padding to provide greater comfort.

The buttons and indicators on the right and left sides of the earpieces are the same for both models. Therefore, those who have worked using either model will know the layouts. Apertures of the Cowin E7 Pro have been upgraded compared to the Cowin E7. The gap of 40mm of is the Cowin E7 has, is now 45mm on the latest Cowin E7 Pro model.

UNLIKE THE MODEL BEFORE THEM, the E7 Pro’s earpieces are not foldable. However, they do rotate to lay flat, which saves some space.


Noise cancellation is identical for both. The headphones can block out small sounds that can disturb listening. From the sound of air conditioning in offices or rooms to the train’s hum or the sound of the train, Cowin E7 and E7 Pro are great at eliminating the sounds of everyday life.

In the Cowin E7, the sound is decent, but it isn’t great. It’s suitable for the average listener, but more severe listeners might have some problems balancing the lows and highs. But, these imbalances are very subtle and will be detected when listening to a broad spectrum of music.

The Cowin E7 Pro improves the sound balance. One instance of this is that it has a low leakage. This is perfect for quieter environments. A low leakage level helps us maintain our privacy, whether at work or in the doctor’s waiting rooms, by reducing the sound through the headset. In simple terms, the person sitting next to you won’t be able to hear what you’re listening to.

As I mentioned, The Cowin E7 had 40mm large-driver apertures. Its successor, the Cowin E7 Pro, improved on this and made it more significant (45mm).

Why Is this Good Thing?

The larger apertures produce an increased frequency response, making music sound more full without overpowering the bass. However, it won’t enhance the quality of sound.

But, the sound can be improved by manually using the built-in equalizers on phones, if you have them, or on the music apps that can be downloaded onto your phone.

The excellent feature of The Cowin E7 Pro is that they’re lighter than Cowin E7. Although the difference in weight might not be immediately apparent, the consequences of the lighter mass on Cowin E7 Pro will end with a lower strain on your ears as it does on the Cowin E7 on prolonged usage. In addition, it has a more direct impact on what you carry around.

The headphones are both well-padded and comfortable. They’re ideal for prolonged wear, but they eventually get tired. However, this isn’t an issue and usually only occurs when listening continues for more than two hours.

Another thing that enhances the ease of wearing these models is Cowin E7

The Cowin E7 Pro could be a comfortable fit. They’ll remain on when working at a slow pace or doing stationary work like making meals, working at a desk, or, in more extreme situations, while doing the occasional run. However, they’re not sports headphones that do any strenuous activities that require a lot of movement, or even abrupt movements can cause them to fall off.

Unfortunately, the snug fit doesn’t accommodate all head shapes, so some may be uncomfortable. Still, the discomfort might not be felt right away as the padding can alleviate some of the pressure that the snug fit causes.

The Cowen E7 and E7 Pro do not come with custom software available through the Appstore or Google Play store, which allows you to modify your EQ settings, and assist with troubleshooting any issues you might encounter when using the headphones. Users will need to opt for in-built equalizers if they require the exact settings and download one via the Appstore or Google Play store.

Battery Life and Connectivity

The Cowin E7 and the Cowin E7 Pro can last for up to 30 hours in full charge. In the case of Cowin E7 Pro, the battery’s power has been increased to 800 mAh, increasing listening hours to around 35 hours.

However, the recharge speed is a bit slow. One would think that to see the Cowin E7 Pro improve in this area, considering that it was launched three years after the initial Cowin E7. It’s. However, unfortunately, the Cowin E7 Pro does not provide this feature and, in the end, is slow to recharge. Cowin E7 and Cowin E7 Pro take a long time to recharge.

The total charge of the batteries on the two headphones will take around 4 hours. The benefit is that two models, the Cowin E7 and the Cowin E7 Pro, can be used during charging, enhancing the appeal to people who don’t want to sit until their phones are fully charged before using the headphones.

The Cowin E7 supports NFC, thus making pairing simple. It’s not as easy to pair. Cowin E7 Pro does not include NFC, which is a disadvantage because it’s meant as an enhancement from the earlier E7 version.

The Cowin E7 uses 4.0 Bluetooth.

 It’s not the most modern, and there are better models available in the same price range, which utilize an improved 4.2 Bluetooth. Thankfully it’s Cowin E7 Pro is a better option. Cowin E7 Pro improves, allowing for improved stability and smooth connection.

The two headphones share an identical Bluetooth range from 40 to 50 feet, which is remarkable for low-cost headphones. Additionally, they connect to a wide range of Bluetooth-connected devices. It is suggested to use the headphones on most phones and tablets.

The headphones connected to your personal computer ought to be acceptable for music. But, if users decide to stream television shows or films, the audio is likely out of sync unless the headphones are connected to the personal computer using the aux cable supplied with it.

If the battery is depleted when the headphone cannot recharge, the headphone or the aux cable that comes with both devices could be used to play music or watch films or television shows.

Who Should Get This?

Anyone looking for headphones of high top quality but in a financial pinch or looking for a better option for everyday use could appreciate purchasing both the Cowin E7 and the Cowin E7 Pro. The brand name Cowin frequently pops up when searching for an excellent cheap-quality Bluetooth headset.

They are also suitable for more casual listeners. They will be satisfied with the audio quality generated from these headphones. There may be a few imperfections that will annoy those searching for more powerful audio quality.

Anyone looking for a headset of this quality will benefit from more expensive models since the Cowin series is advertised as a lower-cost headset, and customers are guaranteed to receive the value they pay for.

It is essential to point out that these headphones, as they claim, do their job. They can block out noise from outside and offer good bass and balance of sound at the cost.

Cowin E7 Cowin E7 already has enough specifications to cover most of what listeners can look for and is impressive enough on its own.

Our Pick

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the intention was to find an affordable pair of headphones for less than $100. You can say that the Cowin E7 is the more affordable choice in terms of price. Even if one does choose to invest more money in different colors, the cost of the Cowin E7 will still be within the budget.

Cowin E7 Pro Cowin E7 Pro remains under the $100 limit but only a little. The result is that users will save around $20 on the black version. If they choose a different colour, they’ll save about $5, which isn’t enough.

In this regard, it is the Cowin E7 that wins.

In terms of audio quality, The Cowin E7 is decent. The bass is excellent; however, not something to be proud of. These imperfections are subtle, and only audiophiles and people who have perfect hearing can be able to detect them. It is the Cowin E7 Pro, on the contrary, features improved audio in terms of quality, balance, and clarity.

But, since it’s advertised as a low-cost headphone, the quality will stay within the price point.

In this scenario, it’s preferable to go with instead of the Cowin E7 instead.

In terms of battery life, five extra hours of battery life would be beneficial, especially on long journeys or while waiting. A low leakage rate is an excellent aspect to take into consideration. We might not be inclined to share our musical preferences with strangers.

In this regard, you can see why the Cowin E7 Pro is preferable.

Its low cost and simplicity of use, and quality of its audio quality, make it among the top headphones, if not the most suitable pair of headphones for beginners. Its price is reasonable, and the Cowin E7 Pro would be ideal if the buyer would prefer to spend more money, but the majority would be able to look at exceeding the $100 mark and upgrade to a better model.

Cowin e 7 review- Ultimate buying guide