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“Bad Girls Club” Was Really a Sad Girls Club

“Bad Girls Club” Was Really a Sad Girls Club

Anyone with half of a brain who watched this show could see that these girls were a bunch of unsupervised, dangerous, immature females on the road to self-destruction with the last stop being prison or the cemetery. Every one of these females ranted and raved throughout the show about being tough, classy and intelligent yet none of them showed this.

The alleged goal of the “Bad Girls Club” show was to follow seven young women with “severe psychological issues and personality disorders” as they live in a house for four months and have their daily interactions and interpersonal relationships with their housemates recorded. They’re supposed to be accomplishing specific goals yet I never heard or saw any one of them do this.

There were no goal plans in place or mentioned and I never viewed any acts of intervention (not counting that wolf-pack attack in Mexico) when things got out of hand. These females had two speeds: Rage and Crazy. Their coping skills from start to finish were non-existent, but make no mistake, they were not suffering from any “severe psychological” issues. They seemed to straighten up pretty quick when the Federales showed up and threatened them with jail after that gang assault in Mexico…just as all bad actors do.

During their brief contact with the Federales, not one of them (Ailea or Whitney) went into their infamous rage black outs. Amazing, huh? As a matter of fact, if you watch the clip of Ailea and Whitney being confronted by the Federales, you’ll see two completely different females. No attitudes, no cussing, no loud talking; Ailea was such a sell-out there. She lied by denying that she ever hit or kicked Amber and blamed Whitney (her so-called fab-5 bud) quicker than you could flick flies off of doo-doo.

I asked, “What happened to ‘crazy’ then? Where did she go?” See fake crazy hops a bus when the going really gets tough and police get involved. Then “crazy” is nowhere to be found. There was no tough “Boston” act. Both were as meek as church mice.

These females certainly had no people skills and definitely suffered from personality disorders, but with that being the case, they needed to be medicated and (at times, sedated) in a long-term, lock-down treatment facility. An old-fashioned parent like my mom would say, “All they need is a good licking from their parents. They’ll be okay.”

If you haven’t watched this show and you have children or pre-teens, you need to watch it because it depicts exactly what happens when children with little or no home-training (or the ones who ignore their home-training) do when they step out into the world. For some reason I had the feeling that these females probably ruled their homes and parents; instilling fear with threats of “going off” and ruling by intimidation because everyone thinks they’re so “crazy.”

You put them up against real crazy women with nothing to lose; real bad girls who live and breathe to buck the system, police and anybody else they come into contact with and these girls would get a dose of really crazy up close and personal.


First we have the Ambers. These two girls started off back biting just about everybody in the house. And while they were extremely catty at times, I wouldn’t say they deserved what they received (destroyed clothing, being jumped, etc).

Kayla aka Kaycee aka “house drunk” from Compton, Ca. This female made a fool of her self on television, shared with us her legal troubles and practically bragged about using men to pay the bills. She showed no shame in acting like a schoolyard bully throughout her short time in the house and eventually left after assaulting one of the Ambers over…a tip.

Amber B. is from Montevideo, MN and was simply lost in space if you ask me. She gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “Blonde Dumb.” I wouldn’t agree that she’s competitive. She was mousey than anything else and shameless with her hypocrisy and cowardice. The fact that she was in an abusive relationship tells you a lot about why she was acting as she did in the mansion. I pray she has gone into therapy and put 10,000+ miles between her and the abusive former boyfriend.

Amber M. of Seattle, WA, supposedly grew up sheltered and poor, but you wouldn’t have known that by the way she acted. She did stand her ground on several occasions and one must give her a pat on the back for those moments, but other times I think she just did things just to be doing them. I think she was attention starved for the most part and immature. The finale dinner incident was Amber M style all the way. She seemed to love sexual escapades and tossing herself out there just as she did during her phone conversation with Tiffany’s “brother” and when he arrived she appeared to behave true to her words only to have a change of heart or a revelation (depending on who you ask) at the dinner party. She said she felt “uncomfortable” with what Tiffany’s “brother” did to her as she “slept.” Was it real or simply her last drama-queen act, scene eight?

Ailea of Buford, GA, was silly, whiny and obviously emotionally unstable. Are there any nuclear waste plants in Buford, Georgia? Because she sure acted like she was suffering from some sort of birth defect. This female slept with just about anyone she came into contact with and even asked her housemates once, “Am I a slut.” I screamed out, “Heck yeah!” Ailea initially came off as this frail, teary-eyed chick that just couldn’t date offline. She quickly outgrew that. She went from frail fairy to Crazy Mary by the end of the show and I was happy to see her go. Her performance (because that’s exactly what it was) wasn’t worthy of an Oscar…maybe a straitjacket and a double shot of Penicillin, but no Oscar. It was like watching someone with turret’s syndrome.

And then she exposed herself on national television as a wimp and sell-out. This so-called “Bad Girl” bragged about being down and being a ride or die chick…yet when the Federales showed up and talked about Mexican jail and criminal charges, “Crazy Mary” quieted down and quickly served her Bad Girl buddy up as Taco meat. And notice that she never once bragged to the Federales about her kicking Amber like she did in the house later on. How cowardly of this self-proclaimed “bad, tough Girl.” Ailea needs a serious mental health evaluation, not because I think she’s actually mentally ill, but more so for her to spend 48 hours on an acute care ward in a real, lock-down facility where actual mentally ill people are.

It’ll scare her straight when one of them stalks and preys upon her like she seemed to enjoy doing to her housemates. Then, when she’s released let her spend some time in county jail around real bad girls who would likely do worse to her for a whole lot less than she did Amber. I can guarantee you this want to-be bad girl won’t be nearly as loud or tough in a jail cell with someone who’d beat her behind just for looking at him or her wrong.

Whitney of Boston, Mass. At the reunion we learn that “Boston” wasn’t even from Boston. She’s from Lynnfield or somewhere north of Boston. Typical of a suburbanite who wants to be tough so bad, she’ll lie about being from the city just to look tough. Classic child-like behavior. You just have to laugh at this contradictory, loud, self-absorbed, want to-be female thug who seemed to think that her being from Boston actually instilled fear in people. “You never hit someone with a shoe,” she screamed, “If you’re a real girl from Boston, you never hit anybody with anything other than your bodily parts.” During her immature, contradictory rant the cameras flashback to an early limo scene showing Miss “Boston” taking off her shoe and trying to hit her housemates while angry.

Someone should have hit her with a dictionary and some class. She did the state and people of Boston a severe injustice by the way she represented the City of Boston on television. True, she didn’t display any slutty behavior like the other four, but she more than made up for that with her mouth. This was another one I was happy to see go. I couldn’t help but notice how she simmered down quite easily when the Federales paid her tail a visit after that assault. She didn’t get ballistic with them. Things that make you go hmmm. Can anyone say PUNK? BULLY? See, when the going really gets tough and tough shows up, a want to-be thug will always cower.

Sarah is from Milwaukee, WI and was as happy as a lark when her spread appeared in Playboy. It was almost like that was a major accomplishment for her. Not so strange for someone with severe insecurity issues. She was proud to let us know her boobs were real (as if we cared) and winning meaningless contests. I didn’t get any drama-queen vibes from her performances, but she was definitely dealing with some issues. All I can say about her is making up for lost time is cool, but remember Judge Judy’s famous saying, “Beauty fades…dumb is forever.” You won’t always have that body (especially not eating like a runaway slave and laying around like coma patient) so work on your long-term, marketable assets so that when the boobs sag and the junk-in-your-trunk has faded, you’ll be able to make a living at a real job.

Ashley (can’t recall where she was from) replaced Kaycee and seemed to be a behind-the-scenes instigator, while trying to appear neutral. She’s another one that seems to think life revolves around her body and looks. And now we have Tiffany aka Tiff Bear. Tiffany hailed from Chicago, IL and was an intelligent female who didn’t seem to be as bad as the others. She, like Kaycee, seemed to have a thing for thugs. The telephone conversations she and boyfriend “Skeet” had as he smoked his blunt’s were odd.

You know, with him and his “tricks” in the background. Why a beautiful, seemingly intelligent woman would be “in love” with a unemployed, blunt smoking thug is beyond me, but she seemed to be rationalizing it in her mind, so more power to her. Tiffany played the quiet one at first until she had to cuss Kaycee out and then Amber B. Actually, I kind of agreed with her finale flip-out. Amber M. seemed to be going for one last dig on the evening of the dinner. Scene 34, act 50. She should have spoken up and not been talking about “bouncing up on it” with a man she didn’t know. I thought she was drunk in the “feel up” scene, but she said she was sleeping.

I didn’t really buy Tiffany’s “sincerity” in Mexico after the wolf pack attack though. Her Oscar winning performance in Mexico was funny. She instigated and stoked the fires of the other dimwits and then after it blew up and it became apparent that folks were going to be getting the boot, she steps out of the shadow of her “crew” to play the peacemaker and mediator. Girlfriend didn’t want to get the boot for her part so she got on Cookie’s (Amber M.) good side and earned some pats on the back for her “mediation”. She turned on her buddies and let two-faced Ailea have it, but I couldn’t help but see it as a veil attempt to deflect attention from her part in that nonsense.

I think girlfriend saw an eviction notice in the future after Whitney got the boot and devised a quick plan to save her own tail. She turned on Ailea pretty quick. Smart move, Tiff Bear. And to throw in acknowledgment of her contribution to the animosity was priceless. She saved her spot in the mansion and she deserves a gold star for that. Once again, all in all, Tiffany did not come off as bad as her housemates, but she played the passive-aggressive role better than any Emmy Award winning actress I’ve ever seen. One week, a leader. The next week, a follower. The week after that, an instigator and then, she would go into her “Oprah” mode and play the role of “Mother love.” I hope she has grown and resolved her passive-aggressive issues… and not dating any blunt smoking, trick handling hood rats…and destroys her copy of the time she spent on this silly show so that her children and future husband and employers don’t ever see it.

Here’s my over-all take on the “Bad Girls” creed:

A Bad Girl knows what she wants and how to get it. She makes her own way, makes her own rules and she makes no apologies.

REALITY: Making no apologies when you’re wrong and getting what you want at the expense of others, isn’t being a bad girl, it’s being a narcissistic fool. This type of mentality will leave you disliked, not respected and likely at the back of a lot of lines throughout life as you come to find out that the world does not revolve around you. At age 18, 21, etc you’re no longer a girl. You’re supposed to be a woman (as so many of them claim they were). And a real woman knows when and how to apologize when she’s done wrong.

A Bad Girl blazes her own trail and removes obstacles from her path. A Bad Girl fights and forces her way to the top with style and beauty.

REALITY: None of you used style or beauty during this show. Ok, the only style you represented was thug and child style.

A Bad Girl believes in jumping first and looking later.

REALITY: Wrong! When you’re young and foolish, you live by this mantra, but when you grow up, you realize that introspection will always help you make better choices.

People will love you. People will hate you. Others will secretly wish to be you. A Bad Girl is you!

REALITY: Wrong, again. You all represented sad girls with bad attitudes. And if anyone truly loves you, they’ll tell you that your behavior and antics on this show were extremely un-lady like and downright childish. No one hates you. And Hell no, we do not secretly wish to be you or anybody that will clown themselves on national television getting thrown out of bars, a COUNTRY or a show. And in the days of extremely high STD rates; STD’s that can kill you and leave you sterile… I suggest you all get tested and slow your roll before you end up in an early grave or a quarantine unit coughing up blood and mucus. No decent man wants a soiled woman with herpes cold sores all over her mouth and genitalia because she thought being a “bad girl” who would screw the crack of dawn was cute.

Bottom line: all of the females kept it real…real dumb, real immature and real silly. There is nothing attractive, ladylike or real about being destructive, disrespectful, promiscuous, arrogant or immature. Bad girls who don’t grow up and act like women end up dead or in prison. A decent man doesn’t want a grown woman bragging about beating people up, getting thrown out of bars, screwing random men and being proud of being a thug. Trust me.

Being on the show was supposed to end with these females growing and changing yet they seemed to get worse as the show wore on. The only time I saw any tears or heard anything that resembled personal growth and personal responsibility was when they were afraid of being booted off the show. Their confessionals showed no glimmer of personal growth let alone real change. It was sad.

Watching this show, you see a bunch of children in a big house running the street all night, getting into mayhem and cursing worse than sailors; they wanted to fight everyone (and almost did) and couldn’t go anywhere without a fight breaking out. They were like little girls whose parents were gone for the weekend and they were just doing whatever they wanted. They tore up this beautiful house and left it looking like a trash dump. I wonder what they’re families and friends thought? Probably the same thing I would wonder if I were their parent: “Heavenly Father, where did I go wrong?”

It’s great to live out loud, girls, but if you’re going to conduct yourselves in the manner in which all of you did on national television…it might be best that you live it quietly because beyond the cameras, you get arrested or beat down (or both) when you go around acting insane.