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A Guaranteed Strategy To Successfully Launch A Product Online

A Guaranteed Strategy To Successfully Launch A Product Online

An Olympic champion, a successful salesperson and two exceptional parents – What does it take to achieve greatness in life, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish? In my opinion, it all comes down to perfecting the fundamentals. Without being able to perform the basics it will literally be impossible for you to succeed in whatever it may be.

Launching a product on the Internet can be a daunting task if you’re not educated on the basics of how to successfully generate an online buzz. Today I’m going to provide you with a basic strategy to follow when launching your product online. There are many additional ways to get your product out there but these are the basics, so let’s start here first. Are you ready? Ok, great, let’s get down to the basics of how to generate that buzz and successfully launch your product online.

Fundamental #1: Update your Website

Before launching your product online, you should update your existing website with information about your new product. This may be in the form of a news entry, a new sales page, or an additional section to your website. Updating your site before you launch will allow you to provide additional information to potential buyers on how to purchase your product. If you launch a product, begin to market, but never update your website then it will be impossible for you to seal the deal and make the sale.

My recommendation is to add both a news item as well as a few new pages to your site, explaining to your customers about the launch of your new product, with information on how to make a purchase. This new content will eventually be indexed in the major search engines. I recommend using Hudson Hhorizons’ Sitemap Manager to speed up this process.

Fundamental #2: Submit a Press Release

Getting your message to media professionals, onto the desks of the journalists and to the top of news sites and search engines should be one of primary importance. Successfully submitting an online press release will do just this. A press release is a public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications to draw attention to a specific event or product launch.

If submitted and distributed correctly, your press release will find its way into some of the top news websites such as Google News and Yahoo News as well as inclusion to some of the major web portals such as Yahoo, AltaVista, AlltheWeb and more. The exposure you will receive by effectively submitting and online press release will be essential to the success of your product launch.

Fundamental #3: Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending sales letters or newsletters via email to your list of potential or existing customers. While some individuals think it can be annoying, I find it to be a highly cost effective way to market a product or service. Email marketing campaigns are proven to be more effective and less expensive than printed direct mail campaigns because the reader can easily click on a link and go straight to your website.

Fundamental #4: Submit your Products to Froogle

It costs nothing to reach thousands of online shoppers by listing your items with Froogle, Google’s free shopping search engine. You can link each one of your products in the Froogle search directly with your website.

By submitting your products to Froogle you will be opening the doors to a whole new way to sell your products. Since Froogle is 100% FREE, there should be absolutely no reason why you would not want to list your products.

Froogle provides you with the opportunity to have your company’s products indexed and accessible to thousands of buyers looking for products like yours. The Internet is a numbers game; the more content you have indexed, the greater chance you have to be discovered.

If you are an online product company then listing your items in Froogle should be one of the first priorities to help increase the exposure of your products on the Internet and offer the opportunity to be discovered by new consumers.

Fundamental #5: Setup an Affiliate Program

An Affiliate Program is an advertising program offering a monetary incentive for webmasters to drive traffic to your website or for directing business to you.

I recommend setting up some type of online Affiliate or Joint Venture Program to allow others to resell your products online. This will provide more exposure and will lead to increased sales revenue.

Fundamental #6: Advertise

The last but certainly not least step to successfully launch your product is to market and advertise your website to increase your site’s traffic. Without a good amount of traffic, it will be difficult to generate sales on your newly launched product. There are hundreds of different ways to advertise your site, whether it’s setting up an automated Google Sitemap, signing up for Google AdWords or posting articles to an article distribution website.

One of the most successful and cost effective ways to increase your site’s traffic and generate sales is through Google AdWords. Google AdWords ads connect you with new customers at the precise moment when they’re looking for your products or services. With Google AdWords you create your own ads, choose keywords to help match your ads to your target audience and pay only when someone clicks on them – this is what is referred to as “pay-per-click” advertising.

Google AdWords is a perfect way to advertise, if done correctly. Many companies waste hundreds or thousands of dollars every month on “unwanted clicks” that are not truly generating “targeted clicks” for their business.

If setup correctly, Google AdWords can be a great resource to reach hundreds or possibly thousands of users looking for your exact product or service, which will lead to increased sales. The key word here is “exact”. I have found that through my experience of setting up Google AdWords campaigns for my clients, the best successes have been generated by the campaigns that use very specific keywords rather than generic or broad keywords when describing a product or service.

I hope you find the above six fundamentals to greatly benefit your next product launch. As I said before, the key to success with anything is to understand and perfect the basics. If you can learn to do this, you will be sure to accomplish anything for your business.

I wish you much success with your next product launch!