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5 ‘Must See’ Places in Kenya Which You Should Never Miss While on a Trip

5 ‘Must See’ Places in Kenya Which You Should Never Miss While on a Trip

If you plan to make a trip to Kenya, you must visit the following places of interest. Try not to miss any of the following five destinations, or you might not have a second chance to quench your thirst as a curious visitor.

1. Masai Mara National Park

It’s the most significant game reserves of Kenya and perhaps the world. Masai Mara boasts to preserve almost 450 species of flora and fauna which is admired by every visitor. The best time to visit here is July to September. You might experience the ‘great migration’ of wildebeests and feel lucky to record the rare hunting moments of the lion. This trip is a photographer’s delight. A ‘2- night and 3-day’ period is enough to cover the treasured assets of wild Kenya including a Masai village.

2. Mombasa

It happens to be the cultural and business hub of East Africa. Having trade relations with South Asia and the Arab world for over centuries, Mombasa proudly sports its cultural heritage in the form of forts and museums. You will also feel ecstatic to discover the wide array of beach activities. Be it a jet-ski, water-scooter or a scuba-diving activity, you will feel that it’s worth the money spent on this trip. The 3-day trip is enough to cover glimpses of Mombasa.

3. Mount Kenya

If you are fond of mountaineering and enjoying those mind-boggling natural views, you should never miss a trip to Mount Kenya. The trekking tour starts from Nanyuki, foothills of the Mount Kenya. Plan your stay in Treetop Hotel, an accommodation made from wooden planks; you will feel proud while imagining its history where Queen Elizabeth had once visited.

4. Nakuru National Park

Nakuru National Park is an enchanting wildlife reserve that sprawls over some acres of land, sheltering some of the most popular species of Kenya. Never miss the Big 5’s- elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo. The abundance of a type of migratory bird called ‘Flamingo’ occurs from late September and continues until January. You will be speechless to view the thousands of pink flamingoes at the blue backdrop.

5. Amboseli National Park

This game drive is famous, as you might have a clear view of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point of Africa. Amboseli boasts of having the largest collection of elephants and is also the home of an elephant research center. The scintillating view of sunset will leave you mystified, and your photography venture will look no lesser than a painter’s delight.

There is no pleasure compared to exploring the unknown and discovering the distant culture. Africa has a surfeit of natural wonders, and it will continue to be the first choice of visitors.