5 Best PS Emulators For Windows PC & Laptop

5 Best PS Emulators For Windows PC & Laptop, Playing games on consoles has been growing over the years, but Sony PlayStation 4 is still the crown of this generation. However, not everyone likes to play games on gaming consoles, and that’s where Sony PS4 emulators come in. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best PS emulators for Windows PC and laptops that show great promise.

At present, there are only a few PS4 emulators for PC that developers still support. The reset PlayStation 4 emulators have either been left (PS4 Delta) or fake (like PCSX4, PS4Emus, and PS4 EMX). If you still want to play some old PlayStation games, check out our post on the best PS2 and PS3 Emulators.

Disclosure: Don’t get your hopes up as these PS4 emulators for PC cannot run any AAA PlayStation exclusive games. All real emulators are still under development as PS4 emulation still hasn’t made as much improvement as Nintendo Switch emulators. You can only run old classic games on these emulators, as I know.